Titan The Robot

Titan the Robot is an entertainer unlike any other on earth and is utilised by event management companies worldwide to add something very special any festival, corporate party or as the ultimate in shopping centre entertainment.

Always very popular at festivals, trade shows, shopping centres, not to mention Halloween, Bonfire Night and Christmas events. His popularity arises from his unique blend of comedy, street theatre and audience interaction.

He can perform a structured show or be programmed to interact with a marketing or information tool depending on your requirements Titan can also perform a Christmas show in which he sings Christmas songs, plays Christmas music whilst wearing a traditional Santa hat.

His unrivalled performance has to lead him to appear on TV shows such as The Gadget Show and Big Brother as well as popping up at many prestigious events across the world including the Abu Dhabi F1 Grand Prix and the UK premiere of iRobot and Real Steel.

Titan has also worked alongside world-famous superstars including Rihanna, Will Smith and Jackie Chan and has even travelled the globe with appearances in countries such as USA, Dubai, China, Vietnam and Thailand.

He has even been asked to carry the Olympic Torch as part of its journey to the 2012 London Olympic Games.
He is a versatile entertainment and marketing tool that can be programmed with bespoke voice samples in a language of your choice, he can also be branded with corporate logos and imagery.

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