Shel The Sand Artist

Shel The Sand Artist is an incredible sand artist who creates shows by using his talents on stage under a camera.

Shel has been around the world and created bespoke designs from fine sand which is filmed and then displayed on a large screen for all your guests to view live.

Shel can create live sand art pieces for your guests to enjoy as they happen, creating a live sand art show. He can perform bespoke pieces to music played on a backing track, a live band or even an orchestra.

Shel is an adventurous sand artist who loves pushing the boundaries when it comes to his shows and with the help of our team of creative event managers, we can create something completely bespoke and custom for our clients.

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Watch Shel The Sand Artist In Action!

Take a look at our exciting sand artist! Through his amazing talent, he is able to bring art to life before your very eyes. Watch as Shel makes different scenes, shapes and characters, all from the sand!

Our talented sand artist can make the art to live music which is sure to enhance your event even further. Witness the magic of art for yourself.

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