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Looking to book an Orchestra for your event?

Our Big Bands and Jazz Orchestras for hire are a stylish, glamorous and exciting form of entertainment that is perfect for captivating audiences of all ages and sizes.

These talented musicians and singers always endeavour to create a sense of nostalgia and a chic atmosphere that’s reminiscent of one of the most stylish time periods in history.

Our big bands and Jazz Orchestras have some of the most talented musicians and vocalists who have vast repertoires that contain some of the most famous Jazz singers of all time including; Frank Sinatra, Count Basie, Duke Ellington, Louis Armstrong, Billie Holiday and much more.

Big Bands and Jazz Orchestras are a form of entertainment that was created and has continued to be popular, since the 1920’s. Our group of musicians will take you back to a decadent time, where the bubbles would overflow and the parties would never stop swinging.

Our performers take inspiration from and emulate some of the most-loved singers and musicians in the history of music.



This got us thinking about how much ‘stuff’ our industry uses – the sets, stages, props, graphic panels etc. So here is the question: how do we create these props sustainably and what do we do with them after the event has finished? Read our article about Better Air and The Champions of Sustainability: here! … Continued

UK-based live jazz orchestra for hire for award ceremonies.

Our swinging jazz orchestras and big bands will make you think you are partying with the effortlessly cool Rat Pack, or being serenaded by the elegant and charming ladies of the era such as Nina Simone, Billie Holliday and Ella Fitzgerald or simply make you feel like you are being blown away by the one-of-a-kind Louis Armstrong.

As well as taking you back in time, our versatile jazz orchestras are very much in the present and are known to put a fresh twist on these jazz classics.

Our big bands and jazz orchestras have performed all over the UK at various venues, events and occasions. These talented musicians and singers are effortlessly glamorous and elegant in their approach to performing and entertaining.

Our jazz orchestras and big bands are the perfect entertainment option for your wedding, corporate event or private party.

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