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Book Fairground Rides For Your Outdoor Event

Our funfair rides for hire are the perfect addition to any Family Fun Day or Outdoor Event.

As the UK’s leading Family Fun Day Organisers, we have unique relationships with suppliers across the UK, meaning we can offer a huge range of Fairground Rides available to hire for your Family Fun Day events.

On top of this, because we have such a close relationship with our suppliers, we offer fantastic value for money when booking our Fairground Rides and Attractions.

We provide all sorts of fairground rides for fun day events, from big wheel and carousel hire to the more thrilling modern fairground rides.

You can also book your favourite traditional fairground rides such as the Phoenix Ride, Tagada Ride, Twister Ride and Waltzer Ride to make your Family Fun Day nostalgic for the adults as it is exciting for the kids.

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Looking To Book Funfair Rides & Fairground Attractions?

Get in contact with a member of the team today to discuss our Fairground Rides, Fairground Attractions and more that we can bring to your event.

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Popular FunFair Attractions For Family Fun Days

Whether you’re six or fifty-six, our funfair rides for hire will bring out the fun side of you!

Available to book for Family Fun Day Events, Company Fun Days and other Outdoor Events, our Funfair Attractions continue to be popular with people of all ages and always tend to be the main attraction at Family Fun Days we put on.

Whether it’s a traditional Fairground Attraction such as our Tin Can Alley and High Striker, or something more extreme such as our Ferris Wheels and Extreme Free Fall Air Bag attraction, we have the perfect fairground attraction hire options for you.

No one is too old to enjoy fairground attractions and rides. In fact, we often find it’s the adults that spend most of their day on them, begging their kids for just one more go on the carousel!

If you want to book funfair attractions and/or rides for your Family Fun Day, please do not hesitate to get in touch. Our team will be happy to help you choose the fairground ride for hire that’s best suited to your event.

Fairground Rides, Funfair Attractions and More

We provide only the best fairground rides and funfair attractions for our clients, working with the best suppliers in the UK and Internationally.

Family Fun Days would not be complete without the presence of funfair rides, which is why we have rides of all sizes to accommodate the scale of your event.

We have large rides for hire if you’re planning to put on a big corporate fun day, but you can also book small rides if you’re planning a fun day on a smaller scale.

Get in contact with a member of the events team today to discuss our fairground rides and what we can do for you.

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