Family Fun Days are very diverse events and include everything from Company Fun Days to traditional Sports Days and Family Fun Day Events.

Because Family Fun Days are attended by varying guest sizes; from infants, children and teenagers to young adults and the elderly. Therefore it is key to ensure the entertainment and activities that are part of your Family Fun Day are suitable for all ages and enjoyable for all.

Julia Charles Event Management is the UK’s Leading Family Fun Day organiser that specialises in everything between corporate fun days and sports days.

We organise family fun days for all types of clients all year-round, whether it’s team-building focussed or to boost staff morale.

With an extensive roster of Family Fun Day Entertainment, Activities and Attractions, we provide fully-comprehensive Family Fun Day Services, which means we can organise everything from start to finish: we are your one-stop shop for Family Fun Days, no matter your needs and requirements.

We have organised Family Fun Days for many blue chip companies and for the likes of Amazon.

Take a look at our Family Fun Day Case Studies.

Sumo suits provided for family fun day races as part of an event our family fun day organisers planned.
Sumo suits provided for family fun day races as part of an event our family fun day organisers planned.

We provide a tailored service to our private and corporate clients to ensure we meet your specific needs and requirements and exceed any expectations, all within budget.

Our event planners have experience organising a wide range of Family Fun Day Events for all types of clients, from the initial planning stages through to delivery and management of the event.

Our event managers are with you from start to finish, from finding and booking a venue or outdoor space to ensuring health & safety guidelines are addressed and adhered to.

What Is A Family Fun Day?

Family Fun Days or Corporate Fun Days are company engagement events where companies put on typically an outdoor event with a range of activities, attractions, shows and more – very similar to a funfair – for their employers and employers’ family and friends.

Its aim is to bring a community, family, or staff together for an afternoon, or sometimes a full day of outdoor activities and entertainment.

How Do You Organise A Family Fun Day?

First and foremost, it is important to understand your full needs and requirements of putting on a Family Fun Day Event. Family Fun Days are a very popular event option for Companies and Corporate clients who are looking to put on a large event to reward staff: a company fun day.

It’s important to understand what your desired outcome of booking a Company Fun Day is.

Always consider your target audience. Who is attending? Is your event for just employees? Is it your employees and their families?

Blue and yellow inflatable slide and a table and chairs set outdoors at a family fun day event.

This will be detrimental in picking and choosing the entertainment, activities and attractions at your Family Fun Day Event.

Lastly, it is important to choose an outdoor space or venue suitable for the number of guests in attendance. We offer venue finding services for our clients looking to put on a Family Fun Day event.

Unique Family Fun Day Ideas: Top Family Fun Day Ideas 2022

So let’s get into the top Family Fun Day Ideas of 2022 for companies and corporate clients. Starting with Festival Fun Days!

1) Festival Fun Day

Family Fun Day Events predominantly take place over Spring and Summer, therefore making a Festival-style Fun Day Event a more than viable option.

Festival events offer a wide range of options when it comes to styling, decoration and of course the entertainment, activities and attractions you can bring to your event.

Festival Fun Days are a very popular option with our corporate clients who are looking for a fun and engaging fun day event to treat their staff and families to.

We put on a large scale festival fun day event for a blue chip company where they wanted a company fun day event to cater to over 350 guests.

This client needed the event to ‘wow their staff’ and gave us full creative reign and management control, trusting us to deliver what they wanted and actually didn’t look at what we’d prepared until the day before the event date to make it a surprise!

There were numerous bespoke street food stands, dozens of live musicians playing and loads of whacky walkabout acts roaming the venue from robot stilt walkers to giant bubble blowers.

We even had a huge Ferris wheel for guests to use as they pleased to add a real wow-factor to the company fun day event.

On top of this, we supplied bespoke hippie themed furniture and props, including a giant elephant personalised for the client, and all tents, staging, lighting and AV equipment.

For the entertainment, we provided a wide range of musicians, bands and DJs including Scott Mills.

Take a look at our video below for an overview of how the event went down:

2) Its A Knockout Fun Day

Our ‘Its A Knockout’ style Family Fun Day is another extremely popular option for our clients who are looking to put on a fun, interactive and active Family Fun Day event.

Involving all of the expected inflatable activities, games and attractions, this ‘Its A Knockout’ Family Fun Day is a fun and compelling concept that really brings out the competitive side of those in attendance.

We love putting on this style of Family Fun Day to see people of all ages, young and old, competing against each other on our inflatable obstacle courses and more.

Here’s a collage of our ‘Its A Knockout’ style Family Fun Days:

3) Fairground Theme

The Fairground Theme is a fantastic choice for a summer Family Fun Day Event as this theme goes hand-in-hand with the activities and entertainment you will have at your event.

Think about all the Fairground Attractions, Rides and Entertainment you can bring to your Family Fun Day by choosing this concept.

From helter-skelters to dodgems and Ferris wheels, you can bring some truly jaw-dropping fairground attractions and rides to your event.

Our events team have experience organising Fairground-style family fun day events for private and corporate clients with varying needs and requirements.

You can take a look at our full list of fairground attractions and rides you can bring to your family fun day event here.

4) Sports Day

How about a traditional Sports Day style Family Fun Day Event packed with competitive sports games and attractions?

This is a fantastic option for bringing out the competitiveness in your participants. It also works brilliantly as a team-boosting exercise for corporate clients and companies who are putting on a company fun day event to boost staff morale and team working abilities in their staff.

We recently planned, managed and organised a family fun day event for Amazon for their staff and their families over the course of a few days. They all left having an amazing time and in wonderful moods.

The best thing about it was that there was something there for anyone’s taste and everyone felt included.

If you would like to find out more about our Family Fun Day Services or are interested in putting on a family fun day event, take a look at our dedicated Family Fun Days page. Alternatively, take a look at our Family Fun Day Entertainment and Activities.

Our family fun ideas offer the very best in exciting activities for everyone to enjoy. As the UK’s leading family fun day organisers, we have all the knowledge and expertise to make any family fun day event one to treasure for a lifetime.

Our dedicated events team are experts in everything family fun days. From creating bespoke concepts for your event, producing, managing and organising the event: we are your one-stop-shop for everything Family Fun Days.

As we are coming into Spring and Summer seasons, now is the time to get planning your family fun day event. What better way to celebrate coming out of COVID-19 restrictions and the UK lockdowns?

Companies are in real need of boosting staff morale, which our company fun days are fantastic for.

Planning and arranging early often results in better value for money and people can have the date in their diary to make sure they are free for the event!

What Are Fun Activities To Do At A Family Fun Day Event?

As the UK’s leading Family Fun Day Organisers, we have an extensive list of entertainment, attractions, activities and more to bring to your Family Fun Day Events that appeal to all ages.

1) Extreme Inflatable Air Bag

Our extreme free fall airbag is one of the biggest and best sports attractions in the UK! Offering its service across the UK for public functions, it is one of our most popular attractions.

Our Free fall airbags are some of the safest, most entertaining, extreme attractions you could hire for your events. Perfect for Family Fun DaysFestivals and outdoor summer events.

Pictures, videos, tweets, posts, you’ll be able to spread your brand across the globe. This is because the Giant Airbags and Jump Towers are completely customizable with corporate branding on both!

Therefore, when people share this on social media, your brand will be on show!

For a sports attraction as extreme as this, safety is our primary concern. The attraction itself is completely supervised as well as meeting to the highest level of safety standard.

This extreme sports attraction is certainly a must-have for any sort of event or function, suitable for any age, our giant airbags are absolutely captivating with its rush of fun, laughs and adrenaline.

Read More About Our Extreme Inflatable Air Bag

2) Total Downfall Inflatable Obstacle Course

Inspired by the family show “Total Wipeout”, we bring you the Total Downfall Inflatable Obstacle Course!

With our own unique twist, we can bring the same fun and excitement to your event. These fully mobile inflatable obstacle courses are a great team-building exercise. As a result, they are often booked for corporate fun days!

Games can be conducted as constant team relays to get everyone involved in a fun competitive environment. Alternatively, you can do individual challenges!

Total Wipeout Inflatable Obstacle Course with children competing to finish first at a 'its a wipeout' style family fun day event.

Read More About Our Total Downfall Inflatable Obstacle Course

3) Human Zorb Bowling

Our Human Zorb Bowling is a fun and exhilarating activity that’s perfect for both adults and children alike!

This Human Bowling Activity features a selection of inflatable items, including a 3m tall zorb ball, 3m tall bowling skittles and several safety walls to create an awesome bowling lane.

Similar to a traditional game of skittles, your objective is to knock over as many pins as possible, with the only difference being you are inside the bowling ball!

Zorb Bowling game available to book as an activity for your next family fun day or sports event in the UK.

Read More About Our Human Zorb Bowling Attraction

4) Archery

Grab your bow, take your aim, test your skills and compete against each other with our fun-filled archery shooting activity.

Led by trained and qualified archery experts, you will learn the best and safest ways of becoming an expert archer yourself, learning the best techniques for achieving accurate shots.

This activity is perfect for Family Fun Days as it’s suitable for a range of ages and is great for boosting interaction between guests by getting them to compete against one another.

Adult taking part in our archery activity aiming his bow at a target.

5) Bow and Arrow Tag

If you’re after something really competitive, why not try something a bit different like a Bow and Arrow Tag game!

Bring something a bit more unique to your Family Fun Day event; when people consider doing a two-team combat game, typically they would likely look into doing activities like paintball or maybe airsoft.

Make your experience more unique with a bow and arrow tag game where two teams compete against each other and try and achieve their objectives!

The objective of the game is to tag your friend with an arrow to declare them out of the game, and the winner is the last person on the playing field.

Bow and arrow tag game with two teams competing against each other.

These are just some of our top Family Fun Day Activities to choose from.

As a leading Entertainment Agency in the UK, we can also source additional entertainment and attractions for your Family Fun Day Events…furthermore, we can actually organise the entire event for you from concept to completion, of if you just require one or two specific services.

Find out more about our Family Fun Days.

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