As event managers, we run all kinds of community events for all kinds of communities and groups. By definition, a community event is an event that is based on public property, and either has attendees over 50, or blocks or reserves access to public passages/ right of way.

Just some examples of these kinds of events include:

  • Brand Activations in public spaces
  • Parades
  • Concerts in parks or other public domains
  • Public Awareness events
  • Reward events
  • Street parties
  • Council run events
  • Wedings

These events are an excellent way of getting communities together and socialising with one another. This in turn can benefit community relations and create a positive impression for the companies that may be booking these events for their communities.

Examples Of Community Events

Every year we run lots of community events for various companies, brands and county councils. Benefitting communities and bringing a smile to lots of faces. Below are just a few examples of the community events we have run.

Generally, most of our community events fall into 3 main categories…

1. Corporate

Corporate community events are run for companies and businesses who want to give back to their clients and customers. These can include lots of different elements such as entertainment, food and more.

The general aim of these events is for our clients to thank customers and clients and give back to the community that they are working in. Additionally, it allows them to build good relationships with these customers and clients. Creating a good brand impression as well as thanking them for their custom.

Many of our corporate clients will use social media as a way of shouting about these community events and getting as many people involved as possible. Furthermore, by creating an online presence on social media, they are also creating positive social engagement around their brand and community events.

Simple Life Corporate Community Event

An excellent example of this is the recent Simple Life Homes ice cream dash events we organised and managed.

We were approached by simple life to create community events for all of their tenants to create a level of community spirit, and, act as an ice breaker activity in which tenants could build relationships with one another.

Our most recent Summer event for Simple Life Homes was an ice cream dash in which we branded up an ice cream van with bespoke company signage and custom van wrapping designs. We then toured around the country visiting Simple Life Homes’ estates, handing out free ice cream to all of the tenants.

One unique idea we incorporated into this community event was colouring the ice cream to match Simple Life Homes brand colour. This was a great way of creating an on-brand and delicious product to hand out to the community.

Furthermore, over a week period, we visited 48 different sites and handed out ice creams to over 2,500 households. This has come to be a community event the Simple Life tenants know and love. It is a great way of them all getting together and enjoying a delicious treat for free.

Community Event for corporate brand simple life run by our event management team. Tenants of Simple Life Homes holding up their ice creams and smiling.
Pugs eating ice cream at simple life community event.

2. BID Community

BID or Business Improvement District is another very common option we deal with when planning community events.

These events are run by a business-led board and are very heavily community-focused, prioritising the opinions of the local businesses. The aim of running BID community events is to increase traffic and footfall in commercial areas such as town and city centres. Furthermore, our community BID events often work in partnership with county councils to create big and engaging events for the whole community to enjoy.

Over the years we have worked on multiple BID events including seasonal events for both Christmas and Easter in large city centres. These have incorporated multiple event services, creating interactive and enjoyable events for the local community.

Newmarket Santa’s Grotto BID Community Events

For this Community Event, we were contacted by Newmarket BID to create a public Christmas event including a Santa’s grotto which was to take place within the town centre.

The whole event was free to the public including a visit to Father Christmas as well. Furthermore, Newmarket BID wanted to incorporate this community event into their annual Christmas light switch on. Therefore, as an event management company, we were able to provide everything. From event production, management, Grotto set design and build, as well as catering, entertainment and a Christmas parade.

We also provided over 1000 gifts to all of the children visiting Father Christmas and, mince pies and mulled wine to the community.

Community Christmas event organised by our event managers for Newmarket BID.

3. Council Run Community Events

Council-run community events are booked by local county councils for various different events throughout the year bringing the community together. There are many kinds of council-run community events including town fairs, outdoor cinema events, local music festivals and more.

We have worked with several different county councils up and down the UK to come up with bespoke and unique community event concepts.

Every year county councils are allocated an element of money to put back into the community through events. Unlike corporate and many BID run events, county council events often contain an element of both free to use/ visit and paid for services. An example of this could be a community event cinema screening. The county council will pay for the equipment and showing of the film to the community, however, there may be options such as food trucks and rides that guests have to pay for if they would like to use those services.

Council-run community events can also be run in a similar way to BID community events, drawing the local community into town centres and shopping centres to increase footfall and spend within the local community.

Southport Trick or Treat Street community event

Southport trick or treat street is a great example of one of the council-run community events we have created and run.

The county council approached us to create an event that would increase footfall for the town centre over the Halloween period. We came up with a unique concept of trick or treat street. For this community event, we built a circular ‘street’ in which children could go around knocking on doors and meeting the characters behind those doors.

The children would then have to solve a riddle, which, if they got it right would result in a treat, and if they got it wrong would result in a trick. Not only did we create and install the whole concept. But we also hired all of the actors, including, Zombies, skeletons and monsters, all of which had unique scripts and character profiles.

We also managed and ran the build-up to the 4-day community event on Southport’s social media platforms, building up anticipation for the event.

Trick or treat street with Halloween characters created as a community event for Newmarket county council.
Trick or treat street 3d CAD drawing set design and build for halloween event for children

Things to consider when organising a community event

Often many community events are organised with the intention of being non-for-profit and for benefitting the local community. Therefore, if you’re considering organising a community event it is really important to have clear goals and intended outcomes from your event.

Just some of the factors you may want to consider are:

  • How does this event benefit the community
  • How does this event benefit the company or group I am working on behalf of
  • What will make your event unique
  • Why will people want to attend your event
  • Are there any permits required
  • How long will the event run
  • What do you hope to achieve through this community event
  • Where will this event be best located to gain the best footfall
  • How will you build up anticipation for this event

Once you have answers to these questions you will be able to gain a clear picture of what your event will look like, as well as the desired outcomes you hope to achieve by running it. From a business perspective, it will also help you allocate the budget and ensure you gain reward from the community event.

Why Book A Community Event

Whether you’re planning a corporate community event to give back to your customers or perhaps you’re part of a County Council group looking to engage with the local community. There are many reasons to consider booking a community event. These include:

  • Creating community spirit
  • Increasing footfall and spend into local areas
  • Making customers/ the community feel valued
  • Improved staff retention
  • Enhanced marketing and promotion
  • Great for brand/ company image
  • Facilitating networking opportunities
  • Gain exposure in the press
  • Opportunity to create a sense of community
  • Positive interactions with the council/company/community

If you’re looking to organise a community event and need an event management company to help plan, produce and manage it then get in touch with our team today.

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