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Why book Halloween Contortionists

Our Halloween contortionists are a brilliant way to add a creepy feel to your event.

With the ability to bend their bodies into unimaginable shapes and move in ways regular human bodies can’t, our contortionists can get your guests feeling really on edge.

There are many ways that your contortionists can interact with your guests. For example, you can have them lurking in the background slowly twisting into poses whilst maintaining eye contact with guests. Alternatively, they can bend themselves into shapes and chase your guests or creep up on them at your Halloween event.

Furthermore, with a wide range of costumes and the ability to fit into any theme, our contortionists can embody the character of your choosing.

Just some of our Halloween contortionist characters include scary morphs, corpses, spiders, possessed people, strange creatures, monsters and more.

Our contortionists are just one of our many Halloween themed entertainment options.

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