With summer being the season of festivals, people like to bring this theme and feel to their own parties, creating their own Festival Themed Party!

It’s no secret that festivals are a whole bunch of fun, fuelled by good friends, music, the odd beverage and a whole lot of mud.

But did you know it is not just for Reading, Leeds and Glasto? You can actually create your own private festival! Whether it be in your own back garden or by hiring an outdoor event space.

The creative minds of brides & grooms, businesses & charities, families & friends are all flowing in the direction of festival-themed weddings, family fun days and indeed birthday parties.

Festivals are a fantastic way of bringing people together, which is why it’s such a popular theme for private parties and other events.

With warmer weather approaching, 2022 is sure to be the year of Festival Themed Parties! So here’s a helpful guide to creating your own.

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Let us take you through just a few things to consider and a load of ideas and trends which we use to create mini-festivals for our clients, which you can use yourself…

Step 1: The Location of Your Festival Themed Party!

The location of your festival themed party is important. It has to cater to a few major aspects in order to be suitable.

Festival party created in a back garden. Featuring a large white marquee and bright multi-coloured drapings.
Festival party created in a back garden. Featuring a large white marquee and bright multi-coloured drapings.

Some criteria might be the number of guests you would like to invite, what you would like to do at said location i.e. large stage for bands, yurt tents and marquees plus entertainment; and of course access.

Do not feel as though you have to spend a fortune on a venue or piece of land for your Festival Themed Party. Many of our events have taken place in our client’s gardens as per the image above.

For example, if you’re planning a Festival Themed Party to take place in your back garden, you want to consider whether the space you have available caters to your number of guests in attendance.

If your garden space does not cater to this and you don’t want to reduce guest numbers, you will have to look at hiring outdoor event space, such as large green fields, community spaces and more.

Step 2: The Design Of The Festival Themed Party

Event design is paramount! This is how you get your vision across. The last thing you want to do is have guests arrive and compliment you on your fantastic tea party!

You want your guests to feel as though they have come to your interpretation of Burning Man, Woodstock or Download. Whatever your taste, make sure your mark is made.

What Do You Need For A Festival Themed Party?

You can make your garden look like a festival and create the perfect Festival Themed Party space by incorporating the below! Bring these elements in and you’re well on your way:

Tents and Marquees

The first step is bringing festival-style tents and marquees into your garden. Marquees are an iconic festival structure that you can hire for your own garden.

Depending on your budget and how big you want your Festival Themed Party to be, look at hiring a marquee that has enough space inside for a bar and some pallet furniture (more about this below) such as seating, tables and more.

If you want to take your Festival Themed Party to the next level, look at getting a stage for a DJ, or better yet a stage for a band to perform on in your marquee!

Blue Chip Summer Festival Marquee we created using themed decorations.
Blue Chip Summer Festival Marquee we created using themed decorations.

As per the image above, you can add some bright decorations to your marquee to bring the festival-style to your event space! Such as bright colour draping, balloons, rugs, cushions and more.

Marquees are a fantastic space for guests to mix and mingle and of course are a staple attraction at any festival event – so it’s essential you bring this to your own Festival Themed Party!

Pallet Furniture (Outdoor Furniture)

Pallet furniture will bring an element of the outdoors to your event. The modern hipster vibe works well with almost any colour and is perfect for laying your drinks down on!

Pallet Furniture brings the perfect aesthetic to your event space – see the images above for an idea of what this could look like.

Look at bringing a variety of pallet furniture, such as a Pallet Bar, Stools and other seating arrangements.

Another benefit of using pallet furniture is that it’s a sustainable event option because it is an upcycled furniture option. Therefore sustainable and cost-effective – it’s a win-win!

Design and Build a Stage

What would a festival be without music? Or better yet, LIVE music!

For your own Festival Themed Party, you want to look at creating a stage for musicians, bands and DJs to perform on.

Stage and lighting set up ready for corporate mini summer festival.
Stage and lighting set up ready for corporate mini summer festival.

Don’t feel pressured by the size of the stage above – if this is in your back garden, you most likely won’t need a stage of this magnitude. However, you can use some of these design cues such as the hay bales, lighting and signage.

Hire a high-quality sound system and get the staging, lighting and AV on point! WOW your guests and make them feel as though they are at Coachella and the likes…


That brings us to the lighting at your event! This step is absolutely crucial for creating the festival atmosphere at your own Festival Themed Party.

Inside your marquee, around the stage and the general event space, use lighting techniques to your advantage so there are no ‘plain’ spots in sight.

Close up shot of festoon pole and lighting as part of festival theming and styling
Close up shot of festoon pole and lighting as part of festival theming and styling

Use bright colours during the day and if you want the mood to calm down in the evening, start using warm, ambient colours to match the mood!

Fun Drinks and Cocktails!

Why not present your guests with some unique ways to drink their beers, wines and cocktails. Fill a wheelbarrow with ice and place all your booze inside it. Not only is it a cool way of presenting the drinks but it’s also fun to see the event host walking around offering beers and wines (or champagne) from a wheelbarrow.

Green wheelbarrow carrying glass champagne bottles in ice.

Your guests have not come to your festival themed party for a dinky martini glass, oh no! They want vessels and large glasses full of fruit and alcohol. A few great ideas for presenting drinks at your mini-festival is to collect all your unwanted glassware in the months leading up to your event.

Marmite pots, jam jars and peanut butter jars are great once stripped of the stickers and cleaned. Stick a straw and some cocktails inside and you have unique glass for your unique event.

BONUS: Ask Guests To Come In Festival-style Clothing!

To bring all of the elements in, ask your guests to come in festival-style clothing! We’re talking floral shirts, sunglasses, bucket hats, shorts, the lot!

Guests interacting at our Private Garden Festival Party.
Guests interacting at our Private Garden Festival Party.

Or take it a step further and go for the 60’s hippie style as above!

With all of these elements together, you’ve nailed the design and style of your own Festival Themed Party. Now on to the activities and entertainment!

Step 3: Festival Activities & Entertainment

Entertainment comes in all shapes and sizes however, the one piece of entertainment that is essential is music. This too, has little, if any boundaries & its fair to say there is no shortage of incredible musicians and bands to choose from.

The obvious and most popular options would be bands who perform covers such as Oasis cover bands, Elton John cover acts and many other live bands.

Lead singer of a band performing at a Festival Style Wedding in an outdoor marquee.

The reason why they are so popular is that a good cover band brings the nostalgia of the original material right before your eyes. Let’s face it, there is no better way to end the night or early morning than swaying side to side with some of your dearest friends singing all the words to Wonderwall!

Before you go on to Youtube and look up Wonderwall, have you considered alternative ideas for music at your private festival?

Take a look at our Festival Themed Entertainment.


We have often taken buskers to our events for many of our clients across the years and they have been a massive hit. Not only due to their raw talent but the idea that this is specific to your event and your event only.

Why not research local buskers near you? You may be surprised by the amount of local talent available to hand!

Alternative Entertainment Ideas

Entertainment does not have to come in the shape of a band. In fact, walkabout entertainment and shows can be just as effective and memorable. As an Entertainment Agency, we have seen it all when it comes to festival entertainment.

As your festival themed party is going to be an open area, it is wise to consider walkabout entertainment so that guests do not have to be at one spot at a given time. Running orders are great and all but not over essential to some forms of entertainment. Meaning it is very much a flexible way of guests being dazzled and amazed without pulling a hamstring to see it.

Now you know some of the basics about planning your private festival when it comes to the fun stuff. But you will also be smart to look at the essentials such as:

  • Power – Where will power come from? Do you have a venue that has the necessary power supply, or would each element of your party need a generator?
  • Toilets – Yes you really do need to consider this. We all love festivals, but all have bad memories of the toilets. Perhaps this is where you better the major concerts and festivals by organising something more on the luxury side. hand towels, soap and washbasins are the small features that leave your guests happy.
  • Parking – Do you have sufficient space for everyone to park and if so who will be organising this. Nobody is impressed when some rouge guests decide their wheels are too clean to park in a certain spot, allowing chaos to ensue.
  • Waste – Who is on clean up? Using a venue has its perks such as having a steady crew of staff who will cost for cleaning up after you and your guests. If you are looking to host your party on private land or even in your garden, then you must not forget what type of waste an event of this nature can accumulate.
  • Health and Safety – This, however boring, is very important. You must take into account who will be onsite. Get someone who is qualified in first aid and make sure the access is ok for an ambulance if needed.


A quick and easy add-on that will really make the difference at your Festival Themed Party is hiring a photobooth for guests to use throughout the party!

Inflatable Igloo Photobooth with props, seating and more.
Inflatable Igloo Photobooth with props, seating and more.

Your guests can then bring back some physical images to remember your Festival Themed Party – it won’t be one to be forgotten!

Alternatively, you could hire a photographer for the day who can make sure to capture the best parts of your day.

Step 4: Create Some Exciting Festival Invites/Posters!

Whether you are planning a festival themed party, festival style corporate fun day, the invites are the first thing your guests will see!

This is the perfect opportunity to showcase what your event is all about. What can your guests expect? And what is expected from them without giving away too much?

There are many ways of creating invites. Either do it yourself or go to the many online shops that specialise in creating really cool and personalised invites for parties.

Platforms such as Canva are fantastic for creating quick, easy and free invite designs!

We Speak From Experience!

We have been privileged to plan some amazing festivals for private and corporate clients all over the UK and Europe. From private festival themed parties in clients’ gardens to fully-fledged festival events with thousands of attendees, we’ve done it all!

We can’t wait for this summer to see our clients’ festivals come to fruition. Keep an eye on our socials to keep updated.

If you’d like to find out more about our Festival Themed Parties and Events, feel free to get in contact with a member of the team if you’d like to find out more about what we can do for you. Alternatively, take a look at our Festival Themed Events for some inspiration!

Now get to work! And have a great time!

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