Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream Bar

Take your Event Catering to the next level with our Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream Bar! Suitable for a range of Corporate Events.

Price From: £1,450 + VAT

REASONS TO BOOK OUR Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream Bar:

  • Duration: 1-2 hours
  • Serves up to 1000 guests
  • Unique flavours of ice cream including egg and bacon
  • Complimentary toppings and sauces
  • Pairs well with other catering options
  • Ice cream bar can be branded and dressed
  • Book Corporate Catering for events

Our Catering Services just got sweeter with a range of delicious nitrogen ice cream flavours!

This Event Catering option takes everyone’s favourite dessert option and pairs unique flavours with wacky toppings.

Your guests can indulge in up to two flavours of ice cream and two flavours of sorbet and then choose their own toppings from our accessories station.

Moreover, our Corporate Catering service allows guests to visit the ice cream stand and watch their creations being made in the specially designed nitrogen ice cream mixers!

Ideal as a showpiece event catering option, our dessert caterers are a fantastic addition to any Gala Dinner or Conference Event.

Our Fun Catering services are regularly booked as part of Themed Events, where their out-of-this-world flavours pair well with Alice in Wonderland Themed Events or Festival Themed Events.

Scroll down to read more about our Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream and flavour options. 

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How is our Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream made?

Ever wanted to try flash-frozen desserts? Our Dessert Caterers create a unique experience for guests with our tasty desserts!

All of our ice cream flavours are created by combining incredibly tasty and otherworldly flavours together to make an impactful sensory experience.

Flavours include egg ice cream with bacon topping, lemon meringue pie, chocolate popping candy, mojito instant sorbet and more.

Once you’ve chosen your flavour combination, your ice cream is poached at -210°C in liquid nitrogen to ensure it stays cold but still yummy!

You can then finish off your ice cream by choosing a range of complimentary toppings and sauces.

Choose whether to have your ice cream served in a traditional cone or tub.

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