Virtual Pantomime

Our Virtual Pantomime is a high-production pantomime that can be live-streamed on online platforms such as Zoom or Microsoft Teams.

Reasons To Book Our Virtual Pantomime:

  • Duration: 90 minutes
  • Participants: 10 – 1000+ ppl
  • Great Virtual Pantomime For Schools and Private Clients
  • We can pre-record the event if required
  • Four actors plus one technician, space hire, set up and take down costs and the hire of the venue.
  • This is a unique Interactive Online Pantomime
  • We have received overwhelmingly positive feedback from our Clients
  • This Pantomime caters to a range of audiences
  • We have a range of Pantomime performances to choose from!

From £900 + VAT

Especially popular with Schools, our Interactive Online Pantomime is streamed using multiple cameras from different angles. These are streamed directly onto a platform such as Zoom, enabling the audience to share every moment of the pantomime LIVE.

Participants are also able to take part, making it an Interactive Online Pantomime. This is truly a Live Stream Pantomime like no other and it enables your guests to enjoy a unique experience: this brings the beauty of theatre to your Homes, no matter where you are.

This Virtual Performance involves actors and a technician to deliver an Online Pantomime Experience like no other. This is a traditional Pantomime performance where guests are treated to a Comedy Show and some fantastic moments, with, of course, moments to interact!

This Virtual Pantomime for Schools, Private and Corporate Clients appeals to a range of audiences, as we have a range of pantomime performances to choose from.

Combining the Pantomime slap-stick fun with the ‘whodunit’ aspect, your audience pitch their ideas against each other to decide who is guilty in the pantomime!

We have received some amazing feedback from our clients who we have provided this unique Live Stream Pantomime for: you will not be disappointed!

COVID-19 Save Events stamp. We are able to produce and manage events whilst COVID-19 restrictions are in place.

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Our Virtual Pantomime performance is streamed through multiple cameras LIVE directly to Zoom.

Four actors and a technician host and perform this online pantomime to make sure it runs smoothly. The audience can interact with the LIVE pantomime to make it more interesting.

We can provide some alternative options such as our Virtual Storyteller, Children’s Virtual Magic Show and plenty of other Online Virtual Experiences and Shows.

Please get in contact to discuss our options and what we can do for you. We have provided this online show experience to a range of private and corporate clients, including Schools.

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