Virtual Storyteller

Our Virtual Storyteller is a fantastic option for Children and involves a range of storytelling options to cater for a range of ages.

Reasons To Book Our Virtual Storyteller:

  • Engaging and Interactive Virtual Storytelling Experience for Children
  • An educational Virtual Experience that is very entertaining
  • Very Cost-Effective, High-Quality Virtual Experience
  • Can be done on Facebook LIVE, a Zoom Call or Pre-Recorded
  • A range of options to cater to your needs and requirements including craft workshops and more

Price From £80 +VAT

The storytelling routines take place from a Home Studio that has a backdrop and lighting to deliver a high-quality video / live stream.

Our Virtual Storyteller can perform short stories from memory using props, effectively acting as a one-woman show!

We find this option is great for younger children around 4-7 years old as it is a more interactive storytelling option that really keeps them engaged.

These Short Stories include the likes of The Gruffalo, The Highway Rat, Room On The Broom and plenty more.

Furthermore, the Virtual Storytelling routine can be adapted to cater to upper primary aged children (9+)! This routine is more traditional and involves reading chapters straight from a book, as you would see on a CBBC show, for example.

The Virtual Storytelling experience involves a costumed performer and lasts around 20 minutes or longer (depending on requirements).

This Virtual Storytelling performance can take place on:

  • Facebook LIVE
  • Zoom Call
  • Or can even be pre-recorded to cater to your needs and requirements
  • The story can be themed
  • We can also arrange for a branded backdrop to be placed within the shot

View A Facebook LIVE From Our Virtual Storyteller

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