Online Guessing Game

Our Online Guessing Game combines fun trivia questions with high-stakes roulette-style gameplay.

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REASONS TO BOOK OUR Online Guessing Game:

  • Duration: 60 – 90 minutes
  • Attendees: 20 – 1000
  • Provides fun and engaging virtual trivia team building
  • Full joining instructions sent prior to the event
  • Questions can be tailored to your organisation or theme
  • Our ice breaker team building games are perfect for virtual entertainment
  • Book virtual team building experience for corporate events and private parties

In this Virtual Trivia Team Building Game, trivia questions are given to teams in rapid-fire rounds – providing engaging and make-or-break decisions.

The objective of the game is to score the most points. The teams who get the right answer, automatically earn points. However, there is a twist! The teams do not necessarily need to know the right answer, but they need to predict which team has got the right answer in order to earn points themselves!

Can your team make the most correct predictions in order to boost your chances of winning?

Book virtual team building experience for online team building days, private parties and corporate events.

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What happens during our virtual trivia team building game?

Our Virtual Trivia Game will be split into two phases of gameplay, read below to find out more details.

Your team building guessing games event will be conducted by a professional game host, so all you need to do on the day of the event is join using your laptop, tablet or mobile device.

Our ice breaker team building game is spread across four to eight rounds with two phases each round.

In the first phase, the game host will put across interesting trivia questions to the teams, the participants will then need to individually answer on their mobile devices, forming a collective team answer.

Moving on to the second phase, the answers picked by the teams will be revealed and the teams will have to collectively decide which team they would like to place a wager on.

Once the wager phase is done, correct answers are revealed. The team closest to the correct answer gets points and the teams that have pledged on the correct team also win lots of points.

All points will be totalled up during the end of the team building guessing game and the team with the most points will win!

Participants are also provided with a chat feature in their mobile platform to help share thoughts and make collective decisions.

You can also combine our Virtual Trivia Team Building Games with other Virtual Entertainment and Interactive Online Games such as our Virtual Food and Drink Workshops and Virtual Craft Workshops to create a full entertainment package.

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