Virtual Manor Murder Mystery

Hire Virtual Murder Mystery Party for online team building activities and virtual corporate events.

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REASONS TO BOOK OUR Virtual Manor Murder mystery:

  • Duration: 1 – 2 hours
  • Attendees: 10 – 500
  • Corporate murder mystery party is perfect for virtual team building and virtual corporate events
  • Our online murder mystery experience has full event planning provided
  • Play our Virtual Manor Murder Mystery from anywhere in the world
  • Zoom murder mystery unites virtual teams and provides fun puzzle-solving

A murder has taken place at the infamous Manor House – the body of an internationally renowned lawyer has been uncovered. During our online murder mystery experience, you must determine who is the killer.

Throughout our corporate murder mystery party, you must search for clues and interview potential suspects. Could it be the overzealous tycoon? The highly-strung professional athlete? Only you can decide in our online murder mystery experience.

Hire virtual murder mystery and work together to examine evidence such as key witness statements and suspect interviews. Our corporate murder mystery party uses augmented reality and image recognition technology – creating a fully immersive experience.

You will explore the Manor and the crime scenes using an interactive map, completing tasks and challenges that will help you gather evidence.

Furthermore, our online murder mystery experience can be completed on a touch-screen device where points will be awarded for correctly answering observational and trivia questions. Hire virtual murder mystery and complete fun photo and video challenges – helping to identify the weapon, murderer and motive.

Grab your magnifying glass and put your best detective hat on! Who will be the first to solve the murder?

Hire virtual murder mystery as part of our virtual entertainment and interactive online games, perfect for online team building activities and virtual parties.

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What happens at your corporate murder mystery party?

Take a look at what to expect from your online murder mystery experience.

We think you should definitely hire virtual murder mystery for your online team building day. Why, you ask? Because it’s great fun and boosts team morale!

Grab your virtual team and dress up in your fanciest outfits – fit for a party at the Manor. Or choose to wear your best detective coat and hat, to look the part of the private investigator.

Your guests will be guided through the zoom murder mystery by our professional game host who will teach you how to use the specialist murder mystery game app – used to look for clues and complete virtual challenges.

Each of the suspects can be interviewed through the augmented reality platform – will you be able to decipher who is the killer?

If you need some ideas of how to plan your event, you can take a look at how to run your Virtual Murder Mystery Party here.

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