Rescue the Superwomen Virtual Escape Room

Can you and your team help to rescue the most talented women on the planet? Uncover the clues in our Virtual Escape Room Experience!

Price From: £35pp + VAT

REASONS TO BOOK Rescue the Superwomen Virtual Escape Room:

  • Duration: 60 – 90 minutes
  • Attendees: 10 – 1000
  • A professional game host will manage the Online Escape Room Experience
  • Hosted on a video communication platform of your choice
  • Specially designed Virtual Escape Room app helps you uncover clues
  • Escape Rooms create fun-filled Virtual Team Building Experience

What’s The Aim Of The Game?

As part of our Virtual Entertainment, in this Virtual Escape Room Experience, you are tasked with rescuing some of the world’s most iconic women.

A genetic lab has taken these women hostage, after uncovering that their DNA holds a genetic modification that can turn a person into a super-human!

In addition, this company plans to keep this discovery to themselves and use it to their own selfish advantage.

In this Online Escape Room, you must work together in a Virtual Team Building Experience to rescue these iconic women and reveal the secrets their DNA holds.

However, you soon realise that you can’t complete this task alone! You must get in contact with the superwomen and uncover clues to piece together the DNA structure.

Can you and your team solve the clues in time to help rescue the superwomen?

Furthermore, our Virtual Escape Room activities can be paired with other Interactive Online Games to create a full entertainment package.

If you fancy treating your team to something more practical, we also have a wide range of Virtual Food and Drink Workshops to complement your Online Escape Room Experience – complete a workshop before your game as a warm-up activity or afterwards as a well-deserved reward!

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