Virtual Greyhound Race Night

If your staff are still working from home or working remotely, our Virtual Greyhound Race Night is a fantastic team-building experience to boost staff morale and to bring all your friends and colleagues together.

Price From: £10 per person + VAT

(Minimum booking of 5 people)

REASONS TO BOOK OUR VIRTUAL greyhound race night:

  • Our Virtual Race Night on Zoom is a fun, engaging team-building exercise
  • Bet with in-game currency (not real gambling)
  • Our Greyhound Race Night has had some fantastic feedback from clients who have booked
  • See a virtual leader board and get competitive with participants
  • Add other services to create a virtual event experience

As one of our Virtual Race Night experiences, our Virtual Greyhound Race Night is an excellent virtual experience for all kinds of groups. However, it’s most popular with corporate clients and companies looking to book a Virtual Team Building Experience or a Virtual Work Get-Together to boost staff morale.

Our team set everything up; the game itself and the Zoom invitations (you just have to click a link to join, we take care of everything else).

Once all your attendees have joined the call you can go onto the app to access the first race. Each attendee will have the opportunity to bet (using in-game currency, not real money) on each of the races and cheer their greyhound to victory.

There is a virtual leader board that all attendees can see through the races to monitor who is winning. Over the duration of your Virtual Race Night experience, there will be 6 races in total.

Depending on your group size, the cheering and betting and the celebrations between each race the total run time is usually around 40 minutes.

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Key Points of our Zoom Virtual Race Night:

  • Duration: 40 minutes
  • Minimum booking of 5 attendees
  • Hosted via Zoom or Microsoft Teams
  • Connect to our app for the races
  • Each booking consists of 6 races

We’ve had some amazing feedback from clients who have booked our Virtual Greyhound Race Night so far, so you can rest assured of a fantastic Virtual Experience.

Some clients like to incorporate additional virtual activities such as cocktail making, virtual magicians and more to their virtual team building greyhound race night.

If you’d like to find out more about our Virtual Greyhound Race Night, please get in contact with a member of the events team for more information.

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