Virtual Race Night

Our Virtual Race Night is a fantastic online experience to book for remote teams, whether you’re hybrid working of working from home full time!

Reasons To Book Our Virtual Race Night:

  • Our Virtual Race Night experience is a fantastic team-building experience
  • Highly interactive, including break out rooms, on-screen displays, whole group rooms and a fantastic host
  • Bespoke options available, including branding and theming
  • Additional Virtual Entertainment and Hamper options available
  • Bet with fake money (not real gambling)

Virtual Race Night Options

We offer two unique Virtual Race Night experiences:

If you require a specific Virtual Race Night option, we can also accommodate for this, creating a bespoke experience to you.

Virtual Horse Racing:

Our Virtual Horse Racing Experience is for large groups on Zoom Calls where each group splits into teams to compete against each other. Training horses, sabotaging rival team’s horses and backing their favourite horse to win!

Each enters bets for between 6-8 races using their in-game currency (not real money). There is a shared display on everyone’s screens to show constantly changing pay-outs of horses as people submit their actions. Teams have to strategize whether to show interest early for a good payout or wait till the last minute to see other teams show their tactics!

  • Duration: 1 hour
  • Group size: 5-300 (bespoke packages available for larger groups)
  • Bespoke options available: branding, theming, packages etc.

Virtual Horse Racing

Virtual Greyhound Racing:

There is a virtual leader board that all attendees can see through the races to monitor who is winning. Over the duration of your event, there will be 6 races in total. Depending on your group size, the cheering and betting and the celebrations between each race the total run time is usually around 40 minutes.

  • Duration: 40 minutes
  • Minimum booking of 5 attendees
  • Hosted via Zoom or Microsoft Teams
  • Connect to our app for the races
  • Each booking consists of 6 races

Virtual Greyhound Racing

To create a truly immersive experience, we also send out bespoke Kits to all participants including the likes of cocktail kits, treats and more. We can also combine some unique Virtual Experiences such as cocktail making, virtual magicians and more with your Virtual Race Night to make it a truly special occasion!

Our event managers can set up everything, including the game itself and the Zoom invitations. Once all your attendees have joined the call you can go onto the app to access the first race.

We have had some amazing feedback from clients who have booked this virtual experience and find it especially popular with corporate clients looking to boost staff morale whilst working hybrid working or working full time from home.

Our Virtual Race Night can be completely customised to suit your exact needs and requirements. To find out more, please get in contact with a member of the events team to discuss what we can do for you.

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How Does A Virtual Race Night Work?

After enquiring for this service, a member of the events team will be able to give you a price and availability of our Virtual Race Night service.

From here on, it’s simple. Tell us your requirements and we’ll get everything in place.

Once confirmed, we will give you an invitation to a Zoom call where you can be placed into specific rooms – teams that compete against each other – or you can be put together in a large room (whichever is required). You can then enter virtual bets using in-game currency.

There is a shared display to show constantly changing pay-outs of horses or greyhounds and a virtual leader board so that everyone can monitor who is winning.

To bring more into the mix and if you want to make for a full virtual experience of it, you can add additional virtual entertainment to your experience, such as virtual magicians, mind readers and plenty more.

Our event managers can give you some fantastic ideas for your virtual event if you want to make a full experience of it for everyone. For example, if you are putting together a virtual event for your staff whilst hybrid working or fully working from home.


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