Online Treasure Hunt Game

Can you and your team work together to uncover objects in a scavenger hunt at home and ultimately win our Online Treasure Hunt Game?

Price From: £35pp + VAT

REASONS TO BOOK OUR Online Treasure Hunt Game:

  • Duration: 60 – 90 minutes
  • Attendees: 20 – 1000
  • Virtual Scavenger Hunt combines virtual entertainment with real-life interaction
  • Encourages problem-solving and time management skills
  • Team Building Treasure Hunt can be played on a variety of video communication platforms
  • Unique, interactive gameplay system provided
  • Treasure Hunt Zoom Experience is perfect corporate entertainment

In this Virtual Scavenger Hunt Game, colleagues are placed into teams and given an overview of the rules by our professional game host.

In addition, our Virtual Team Building Treasure Hunt comes with a twist!

Instead of simply looking for items on a screen, like a normal virtual scavenger hunt – teams are given fun puzzles to solve. These puzzles will then reveal objects that they have to find in real life! Moreover, these objects are everyday items that can be found around your home.

Once team members have correctly solved the puzzles to reveal the object that they must find, it’s then a race against the clock to take a photo with the desired household item.

All photos are then uploaded to the virtual gaming platform as proof.

Finally, when all of the objects have been found, the team that has completed the scavenger hunt at home the quickest will win the contents of the treasure chest!

Our Virtual Entertainment provides a great experience for any Online Team Building Event, helping to boost colleague participation and improve integral workplace skills.

This Treasure Hunt Zoom Experience can be combined with other Interactive Online Games such as our Virtual Murder Mystery Experience, Virtual Horse Racing, Harry Potter Virtual Escape Room and more to create a full entertainment package.

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