Virtual Sleuth Murder Mystery

In this thrilling Virtual Sleuth Murder Mystery, you will be presented with a shocking case – it’s up to you and your team to unravel the clues and collect evidence in order to solve it in time!

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REASONS TO BOOK OUR Virtual Sleuth Murder mystery:

  • Duration: 90 – 120 minutes
  • Attendees: 20 – 1000
  • Virtual Murder Mystery combines online play with real-life challenges
  • This Online Murder Mystery Party builds problem-solving and observational skills
  • Promotes high individual contribution
  • Book corporate virtual murder mystery for team building events
  • Can be combined with other virtual team building activities

Our Online Murder Mystery Party Experience is a thrilling and immersive team challenge!

In this Virtual Murder Mystery, players are placed into teams and provided with a challenging case, each team member will be given a role to play e.g. Detective, Police Officer, Forensic Scientist etc.

While this experience involves high individual contribution, it also provides an overall team result that will ultimately decide who wins the challenge – the more effort your team members put into their challenges, the more likely you are to win!

Even though time is of the essence in this virtual team building activity, it is also important to remember accuracy too – providing more correct evidence and solving puzzles with correct answers will give you a better chance of coming out on top.

This Virtual Murder Mystery Experience is available to play on a video communication platform of your choice such as Zoom or Microsoft Teams.

Our Virtual Entertainment offerings provide hours of fun at Virtual Team Building Events and Corporate Parties. Providing you with the chance to connect with your team and boost morale.

Scroll down to read further details on our Online Murder Mystery Party gameplay. 

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How to play our Virtual murder mystery game

You will be provided with a detailed murder case by the game host and it’s your job to collect evidence and decipher puzzles to unlock clues!

In this Corporate Virtual Murder Mystery, your colleagues will be placed into teams and asked to uncover an immersive, hard-boiling case.

Keen observational skills, problem-solving and time management skills are essential to helping you solve the case!

The game host will provide you with an in-depth storyline, detailing the prime eight suspects. Each player will be assigned a role and given a special location of the crime scene to examine.

Moreover, using a specially designed mobile platform, players will be given fun puzzles to solve that will reveal clues and evidence that they need to uncover.

The virtual world then meets real life as players must find everyday objects around their homes to use as evidence – players will then take photos with the evidence and upload them onto the gaming platform.

Furthermore, the player that has been assigned the role of the forensic scientist will analyse the evidence and create an evidence report which will be published on the game dashboard for all team members to review.

Teams will then be given a chance to discuss the evidence and share information on the case in a special breakout room on the video communication platform.

Finally, once the teams have come to a conclusive decision, they will join the main game room to share their final suspect and see if they have managed to solve the case correctly!

Our Interactive Online Games are a great way to help boost skills and provide your team with a fun immersive experience.

We also have other virtual entertainment offerings such as our Virtual Food and Drink Workshops and Virtual Craft Workshops, which can be combined to create a full entertainment package.

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