Virtual Spy Academy

Race against the clock in this virtual spy team building activity to uncover who assassinated Agent No.1!

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REASONS TO BOOK OUR Virtual spy academy:

  • Duration: 1 hour
  • Attendees: 12-100
  • Professional live virtual host
  • Virtual spy academy is the perfect virtual team building activity
  • Bespoke app and game adventure
  • Secure virtual platform for spy team building
  • Easy PDF joining instructions sent prior to the event

In our online spy academy, you will gain the skills needed to go undercover in a world of espionage and intrigue. Working together in a virtual team building activity, you will be presented with three levels of classified training designed to build up your skills to pass the first level of training at the online spy academy.

You will be tested at each level with a wide range of puzzles, problem solving tasks and hands on creative challenges designed to test your spy team building puzzle solving skills. After you pass the first level of training, you will then have to solve the murder of top Agent No.1!

Take on your first covert mission to track down the killer, racing against the clock to progress through the adventure – only one team can complete the mission first!

This virtual team building activity can be paired with other interactive online games to create a fun-filled day for your team – helping to bring together colleagues and give them a skills boost!

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further online spy academy information

Want to learn more about the spy team building activity event details? Read more below.

As part of our team building activities, the online spy academy is designed to test your skills and competence as a team.

Everyone will receive a PDF welcome pack in advance, detailing the spy team building event and will contain a link to enter the game.

The event can be run via Zoom, or any other online video communication platform that you prefer. Once your team is logged in, you will be welcomed by our virtual host who will explain the rules of the virtual spy academy and will then divide you into mini teams to test your spy team building capabilities.

Each team will be able to message with each other during the event through a specialist app, which is designed to let you interact at the same time wherever you are in the world.

At the end of your mission, all the teams will be invited back together to reveal who are the ultimate special agents in the spy team building challenge!

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