Assembling the Ideas

This is one of many campaigns we have worked with our client, L’Oreal on. We have such a fantastic relationship with them and when they contacted us to help with the new fragrance they were releasing with Neymar and Diesel, we were happy to help!

We got to work with the client after a few phone calls about the type of campaign they wanted to run for their Diesel Only The Brave fragrance and what marketing they already had in place. We looked at associating the brand with the brand ambassador and concluded that football was the only way to go! The client was already very close with the duty-free zones in airports so when we wanted to place a flash mob of the World’s Best Football Freestylers there, we had the green light very quickly.

  • Worked with L’Oreal and Diesel Fragrances on ideas and strategies to conduct this retail campaign
  • Produce bespoke routines and ideas for post-production and filming
  • Supply the best in Football Freestyle performers with a Social Media reach to promote the Diesel Only The Brave fragrance

Adding our Expertise

We quickly got to work on sourcing the best Football Freestyle performers and briefing them on what the expectations were to make sure the Diesel Only The Brave fragrance event went well.

The first event we organised for Diesel was a B2B event where one of our freestylers excited guests in anticipation of the launch of Diesels new “Only The Brave” Fragrance in the UK.

We knew that the goal here was not just to create videos for post-event promotion, but to get the public to share the experience with their friends on social media using the unique hashtags we gave them.

  • Sourced record-breaking and world champion level football freestylers
  • Worked with the venues in London Stadium and then London Stansted Airport
  • Kept on brand from beginning to end, making sure the activation at the airport was immersive and entertaining to match the brand of Diesel Only The Brave

Admiring the results

On top of the product being extremely well known, being created by one of the most popular fragrance brands in the world, it was also co-created by Neymar Jr.

This meant we had to make sure everything looked visually on-brand and match the profile of Neymar Jr. and the Diesel Only The Brave Brand. This was especially important due to the high profile nature of the launch, which would be shared all over the world.

London Stansted has around 55,000 people travel through in a day and with our activation being one of excitement and skill, we knew people would want to share.

We also worked with the football freestyle performers who had a large following on Instagram and Facebook meaning the clients global reach expanded to different markets and audiences.

  • Shared by thousands of people over the course of 8 days
  • A successful campaign for Diesel Only The Brave with a global reach
  • Cost-effective campaign with maximum ROI

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