What event cleaning services do we provide

We provide bespoke event cleaning services ensuring we offer a thorough and comprehensive event cleaning solutions.

Providing pre, during and post-event cleaning as well as solutions to keep your event and clients feeling confident and clean throughout. Here are just a few of the event cleaning services we provide:

  • Pre and post-event cleaning
  • Thorough deep cleaning service hire
  • Regular touch surface cleaning throughout event
  • PPE Equipment sourcing
  • Hand sanitisation station set up
  • Exhibition cleaning
  • Better Air purification system hire
Travel and Logistics management for Rotable Repairs event
Exhibition Stand event cleaning solutions

Why book cleaning solutions for your event

Big and busy event spaces naturally lend themselves to high footfall and therefore are more prone to harbour germs and bacteria.

Therefore, by booking event cleaning services you can ensure your event will stay clean and safe throughout the duration of your event.

Our deep cleaning services ensure that busy event spaces such as Exhibitions, Conferences and other venue spaces stay clean and safe.

Not only do we provide pre and post clean up. Additionally, we offer in-event-cleaning and cleanliness stations. These provide our clients and their guests with visual reassurances that we are putting every precaution in place.

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Which events should I book this for

Any event with high footfall will benefit from deep cleaning services.

However, we would recommend considering booking a degree of event cleaning solutions regardless of your event size.

Exhibition cleaning is a big thing with so many people coming in and out, therefore we would say that booking event cleaning solutions for this kind of event is essential!

Having precautions such as hand sanitisation stations in place will not only ensure that your event stays clean. Additionally, it will also make guests feel comfortable and confident in the event’s cleanliness.

As well as all of the on-site deep cleaning services, we also can provide air purification through BetterAir. This is a system that purifies the air and eliminates allergens.

Better Air event cleaning solution

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