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What is Better Air?

Simply put, it’s a revolutionary Air Purification system targeting the air, surfaces and inside objects with probiotics.

Traditional air purifiers take particles out of an environment, targetting all forms of bacteria. This product targets only bad bacteria at a microscopic level using a world-first Probiotic solution.

We used this product for our Rotable Repairs event (the first event in the world with cleaner air!) and gained coverage in Conference News for it!

What does it do?

  • Purifies the Air, Surfaces and Objects in an Indoor Environment
  • Uses Probiotics: a natural, chemical-free solution to purify the air
  • Balances indoor ecology, mimicking nature’s outdoor ecology
  • Eliminates Allergens
  • Safe for Humans & Animals

We have secured a Reduction from Better Air UK and Better Air US on retail costs for the events industry for this product using the code ‘BetterEventAir

Better Air event cleaning solution
Indoor Air Pollution Statistics

Indoor Air Statistics:

When we looked into Better Air US & Better Air UK, we were truly surprised by the facts about Indoor Air.

Indoor Environments are a huge part of the Events Industry. We organise events inside buildings daily.

  • Indoor Environments are 10x more Polluted than Outdoor Environments
  • Indoor & Outdoor Air Pollution causes 40,000 deaths in the UK per year
  • 50% of all illnesses are caused by polluted Indoor Air
  • Indoor Air Quality recognised as a Top 5 Health Hazard facing Modern Society
  • 90% of our time is spent Indoors
  • People who work in lower levels of indoor pollutants have significantly higher cognitive functioning scores in crucial areas such as responding to a crisis or developing strategy than those who don’t

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Better Air UK and Better Air US products we have available for hire or purchase, as featured in Conference News Magazine. Click the image to find out more.

Domestic Product

The Domestic Products are entirely natural, organic solutions to creating healthy indoor spaces.

Covering 800 square ft, these products purify the air and surfaces within an indoor environment.

  • Gets rid of Allergens
  • Entirely natural, organic Probiotics: no chemicals
  • Safe for Humans & Pets
  • Non-intrusive designs

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Better Air UK & Better Air US Domestic products available for hire or purchase.

Commercial Product

Just like the Domestic Products, the Commercial Products are entirely natural and 100% organic.

We’ve found the best areas to use this product are:

  • Gyms & Health Clubs
  • Hotels & Restaurants
  • Hospitals & other Medical Environments
  • Office Environments
  • Schools, Daycares and Libraries

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Better Air UK & Better Air US Commercial products available for hire or purchase.


how does Better Air work?

Traditional air purifiers clean the air by killing all bacteria, both good and bad bacteria.

Better Air is miles apart from this.

This product pioneers environmental probiotics.

Created with a solution made up of ‘Bacillus Subtilis’, it creates a protective shield of microflora, purifying the air, surface and indoor objects.

The product releases Probiotics into the environment, therefore giving nature the job of killing the bad bacteria, not using harmful chemicals. The probiotics continuously clean the air, surfaces and objects around it, overrun with allergens and pathogens. It cleans any surface it lands on.

Existing air purifiers are reactive, they only target impurities in the air. This, on the other hand, is proactive, attacking irritants at their source, on every surface and object surround it before they become airborne.

This entirely organic, natural solution nourishes your room with probiotics, eliminating bad bacteria. As a result, it rebalances your indoor ecology.

See what it done for our Rotable Repairs event!

How does this Benefit the Events Industry?

As an industry, we organise a huge number of indoor events with hundreds of guests in attendance, such as Conferences and Award Ceremonies.

Travel and Logistics management for Rotable Repairs event

With any Indoor Event, the Air Quality needs to be considered

Because we all share the same environment at an event, every guest in attendance shares the same air, making it very easy for illnesses to spread. As the event goes on, the air gets staler and gets filled with bad bacteria.

In the events industry, it’s very common to get ill after attending any type of event and it’s been coined as the ‘event flu’.

Read our Feature in Conference News

This is where Better Air comes in

By using Probiotics to constantly nourish indoor environments, the air you breathe at an event will be fresh and clean for the entirety of the event.

We realise that it is not fair for our clients to be force-fed bad bacteria and germs within our events. This product solves this with a simple solution for a complicated problem. It’s a great way of giving due care to customers.


What is the Goal?

Julia Charles Event Management is the first company in the world to bring this concept to an event and we want to make this available for you to Hire or Purchase. We want to pioneer products like this that benefit the events industry in terms of sustainability!

The product clicks sustainable boxes for our clients that are becoming ever more important. It’s also an opportunity to take advantage of green marketing with its unique ability.

Champions of Sustainable Events

As featured in Conference News Magazine, we are launching Champions of Sustainable Events with the aim of helping event organisers within our industry create more sustainable events.

Through thorough research and testing, we champion products and services that have great synergy with the events industry and help event professionals create ‘greener’ events.

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Bringing Cleaner Air to Rotable Repairs Event!

Rotable Repairs are expanding! Hence their need for bigger and better premises. Was there much wiggle room to think about air indoor pollution and clean air solutions in this context? Read on to find out…


Cleaner Air Solutions for Event Planners

“You can live 3 days without water, 3 weeks without food but only 3 minutes without air. You choose what you eat and what you drink. Today, thanks to JC and our Clean Air Solutions everybody in this event got to choose to breathe very good quality air.”

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