Assembling the Ideas

This client approached us to design, produce and manage their annual Halloween Horror Festival Event in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

We’ve worked on events in Saudi Arabia before and with the announcement Saudi Arabia would be opening up their country to the world of events was really appealing to us. The Chairman of the general entertainment authority said “Riyadh Season will bring the World to Saudi Arabia. The theme of the first season is ‘Imagine”.

Initially, this client contacted us to put together creative concepts for a type of event that they wanted to put forward. Our brief was really simple; our client wanted to do a Halloween Event around the idea of horror and scare fests. With no venue or location in mind, the whole event was very much open to our interpretation.

As you can imagine, we couldn’t wait to get started on a unique, large-scale event to showcase this theme and introduce Saudi Arabia to the World! The Riyadh Horror Festival Event was to be a mega Halloween Event to run over three months, involving hundreds of different events around it.

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The Client Required:

Adding our Expertise

With the client’s needs and requirements understood, we got to work on creating unique concepts and designs for the Horror Scare Festival event.

Our focus was on the guest experience, the design of the event and putting together some unique concepts. We worked alongside our partners in Canada as well as local suppliers in Saudi Arabia on production.

The client wanted us to get staff in locally and train them to assist with the event and we trained over 400 local members of staff to be able to accommodate this event.

We organised entertainment, coordination and overall design and production. From the stage show and walkabout entertainment to all of the mazes, mummy activation, laser quest shooting and even an axe-throwing attraction.

All of our Halloween Scare Attractions had a story behind them and saw some amazing guest participation. We wanted people to be a part of the story, which was one of our main goals to be able to heighten the experience.

What Did We Provide?

Admiring the results

The client along with ourselves were very happy with the results of the Halloween Horror Festival Event! The Halloween Event was a huge success with people coming back the next day.

The experience of going to Saudi Arabia, spending months working with the local people and seeing how they embrace different nationalities was fantastic. There was so much excitement about the entertainment and activities we organised.

There were a lot of logistical challenges, being that it was an internationally based event, however using our experience over the years of international event management, we overcame these with no issues. 

Social media also became a really defining factor in this as it worked like a snowball effect. These projects are always extremely collaborative and we made some great connections with fantastic suppliers in Saudi Arabia and around the World!

What Did We Achieve?

  • The client was over-the-moon with the results of the Horror Festival Event
  • We overcame some difficult logistical issues
  • Our entertainment and attractions kept guests coming to the event
  • There was a lot of engagement on social media surrounding the event

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