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Staging, lighting & AV are all imperative to any event you wish to hold. Lighting & AV are crucial in creating the correct tone and atmosphere for your event.

As an Event Management and Event Production company, we have the experience and knowledge behind us to set-up the perfect Staging, Lighting & AV services for your event, no matter its purpose. We manage Product Launches, Conferences, Gala Dinners and much more – you name it. We can provide a full range of event production services that will enhance the visual presentation and design of your event.

Our Staging, Lighting & AV Services Include:

  • Bespoke Light Production
  • Set Design
  • Video Production
  • Live-Streaming
  • Stage Building & Decoration
  • Voting Systems
  • Video Projections
  • Audio Systems
  • Any Additional Services you may require

Our creative event planners understand how important the visual representation of your company is. We will endeavour to create a stunning production for your event.

Festival Staging and AV

How Important is Staging, AV & Lighting?

Here at Julia Charles Event Management, we understand the importance of portraying the correct image to delegates, shareholders, the media and any other group you wish to reach.

Our bespoke staging and AV design management services will ensure that the right message reaches your target audience and that the event represents the brand correctly.

The main feature of any event is the stage. Your audience’s attention is always directed towards the front or where your stage is situated.

We can design and build bespoke stages of all shapes and sizes. Our stages can be constructed with screens that allow bespoke video presentations to be broadcasted whilst the event takes place.

What do our AV & Lighting Services include?

We use cutting-edge technology to make your event as accessible, modern and seamless as possible.

We can provide live streaming services for all sized companies, from global corporations to national and modest businesses. This means that your brand and company can reach more people all over the world.

Our creative teams will custom design bespoke lighting and sound systems for your event.

The lighting productions that we develop can help create the right atmosphere for your event. We can tailor lighting to your specific company or theme.

Our event planners can construct lighting systems that are the exact colour of your corporate logo or branding.

This will enhance your brand representation to delegates and help strengthen your message.

Corporate Event AV & Lighting Services

As a corporate event management company, we can manage and plan the whole visual presentation of our event with our bespoke set design services.

It all starts with your concept and grows into a full event production through our help.


Latest Technology in AV & Lighting Services

Through using the newest technology, we can provide state-of-the-art video production and project technology for your conference, product launch and much more. Your delegates will be impressed with the crisp and clear images before them.

Event Sparklers for hire. Book our Event Sparklers for corporate events, product launches or live music shows in London & the UK.

Stunning Production Quality

We want to create a stunning production for your event. With our creative ingenuity, we will create a bespoke event design that will make your event a complete success.


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