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Assembling the Ideas

Netflix is, of course, a powerhouse when it comes to streaming services, original programs and even the classic shows and movies we all love. They are very keen to make sure they are always pushing boundaries with their Netflix Specials and Original content, so when we were asked to create a full-on festival for a scene in the new Comedy, “Turn Up Charlie” starring none other than Idris Elba and Piper Perabo, we were very excited!

We worked closely with the directors, Tristram ShapeeroMatt Lipsey when on set and the production crew to create one of the largest scenes in the series at the wonderful Brocket Hall.

Once we had gone over how the scenes needed to pan out we were then able to get to work on creating a design, running order and custom content for the show itself.

What did we Provide?

  • A completely custom design with CAD imagery
  • Full Event Management and Venue Decor
  • Large scale production, staging, lighting and Festival theming

Adding our Expertise

Once we knew what the outcome needed to be for the Turn Up Charlie series scene, we got to work on creating the designs and producing the event.

We created a stage that sat in the middle of the grounds so that it was easy to film the right angles for the scene.

We produced footage and content for the large screens either side of the stage which would countdown from 60 seconds and would announce Piper Perabo‘s Character and the drop of her song.

The drop was accompanied by gigantic flames, sparkle canons and a laser show, along with projection mapping. The countdown was also projected on the Brocket hall itself and was synced with the large screens.

We had 3 days in total to create the Turn Up Charlie scene set-up, film and takedown the design and staging!

Admiring the results

The results were incredible on the day and due to the hard work of all involved Turn up Charlie was a complete success!

The client as well as Netflix and Idris Elba used the scene for one of the shows largest events and over on IMDB the show received a 7.2 rating.

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