It’s fair to say that the virtual conference has stuck around long past the early days of Covid 19. However, it is also fair to say that these virtual conferences have certainly advanced in technology and capabilities as well as adapting to the ever-changing needs of an increasingly remote workforce.

With any conference event, it is important to ensure that you are monitoring success and engagement. However, this is even more important to keep in mind when organising a virtual conference!

In this blog, we will be going over our conference managers’ top tips and tricks on how to run an engaging, informative and ultimately successful virtual conference event.

Filming in studio for virtual conference event.

What is a Virtual Conference?

To put it simply a virtual conference is exactly what it says it is. Virtual conferences are conferences held in a virtual capacity where all of the delegates attend remotely.

A good virtual conference allows delegates to remotely attend talks, engage in panel discussions, network in break-out rooms and interact in polls and Q&As all from the comfort of their own home, wherever they are situated in the world.

Virtual conferences are hosted entirely through the internet and can either be live or pre-recorded depending on the client’s preference and goals of the virtual conference event.

Additionally, they can be streamed to many different platforms, some of which include:

  • Internal company servers
  • YouTube
  • Custom built websites

One of the many bonuses of hosting a virtual conference event is the fact that there is no need to book large-scale venue spaces for all your delegates. No need for catering the event, and no need to work out how your delegates are going to get to your conference location.

Therefore virtual conferences cause minimal disruption to working days or weeks. There is no travel time, no need to stay in a hotel overnight and as soon as the virtual conference is over your delegates can get straight back to work.

Virtual studio virtual conferencing event filmed in our London studio

How Does a Virtual Conference Work?

Similar to a live conference, most virtual conferences will require you to sign up online using your email address.

However, unlike a live conference, instead of being sent an email with your ticket information and information on how to get to the venue, your virtual conference event will send you a link where you will be able to join the virtual conference event once it starts.

A start time will be communicated to you and all you need to do is click the link and log on to start being a part of the virtual conference.

There are all kinds of different event technology options you can access when organising your conference. From Metaverse creation to virtual studios and even hybrid setups.

If you are attending a metaverse-style conference you may be given the option to create your own avatar. Then using this avatar you will be able to navigate around the virtual conference event. This is a great way of feeling like you’re engaging with the conference as well as other delegates around you.

However, for many virtual conferences, delegates are only required to enter their name when joining the virtual conference.

Attendees will need access to the internet, a computer and webcam to be able to interact in the virtual conference. Once they have logged onto the virtual conference it will be very similar to a live conference with guests able to attend different talks, panels and network with one another.

Event technology solutions for in-person, virtual and hybrid events. Including event apps, interactive mapping, metaverse-solutions, iBeacons and more.

What Platforms Can You Host Your Virtual Conference On?

As virtual conferences have advanced in technology so have the platforms you can use to host them on.

For a successful virtual conference event, you want to carefully consider what you want out of your event. What kind of engagement do you want to receive from your attendees and what sort of interaction you would like to be available to your virtual delegates?

Once you work out these wants and needs you can then decide what virtual conference platform will work best for you and your online event.

Some of the different conference platforms you may want to consider using are:

  • SpotMe
  • AirMeet
  • Grip
  • SwapCard
  • EventMobi
  • LaunchTV

The above conference platforms are all options we currently offer through our event technology services!

You may also want to consider video platforms such as Zoom or Microsft Teams if you are looking for a more base-level virtual conference.

Our event managers can also provide bespoke streaming platforms, managing and overseeing the entire event.

Example of virtual conference platform we can provide to create a bespoke virtual conference for our clients.

How To Ensure Your Virtual Conference is Successful

To know what success looks like you will need to outline clear ROIs, goals and expectations. You then need to consider the different tools you will need to use to ensure success.

The key factor to success with your virtual conference is creating an engaging and informative event that your remote delegates can easily interact with.

Therefore, as conference organiser experts, we suggest considering creating a virtual conference that has multiple different rooms, talks and panels to attend.


You may want to create an agenda filled with optional talks. This allows each of your delegates to attend the talks and panels that are most relevant to them. It also ensures that each online delegate gains exaclt what they want from the virtual conference event.

Using one of our virtual conference platforms we can give the delegate the option to create their own agendas. Highlighting the talks, panels and networking opportunities they want to attend. Tailoring their virtual conference experience to their personal needs.


One of the ways you can increase engagement and interaction for your virtual conference event is by presenting your delegate with inspiring visuals.

Consider how the online setup will look and if you need content creating to help bring your virtual conference to life. If you are filming from a set location, you will also want to consider what is happening behind you and whether you need any venue styling.

Some different forms of visual content you may want to consider organising for your virtual conference include:

  • Company Videos
  • Bespoke Websites
  • Branded Backdrops
  • Holding Videos
  • Guest Speaker Presentations


Engagement at your virtual conference is paramount. With so many delegates working from home and distractions being everywhere, it is more important than ever to ensure your delegates are engaged.

Therefore, when planning your online event you will definitely want to understand what good engagement looks like to your company.

Some examples of ways that your attendees can engage include:

  • Online Q&As
  • Polls
  • In-event Gamification
  • Online Team-building Activities
  • Quizzes
  • Breakout Sessions
Virtual conference pre-recorded in an LED studio ready to be edited and streamed out to online delegates

What Else Should I Consider When Organising My Virtual Conference?

Once you’ve got the basics arranged for a successful virtual conference you may also want to consider bringing in other elements to your event.

Guest Speakers

One idea you may want to consider is booking an external guest speaker. From inspirational athletes to leading scientists, leading entrepreneurs to experts in your industry’s field.

By booking a guest speaker you are allowing delegates to step away from the buisness-focused part of your virtual conference and get inspired by someone who is removed from your company. It is also great to break up any heavy business or strategy talk. Many guest speakers will draw on inspiring stories of how they overcame adversaries and how your delegates can apply these ideas to their everyday lives.

Virtual Studios

To create a slick conference event, you may want to consider hiring a virtual studio and a production team.

There are multiple different virtual studio options to cater to different clients’ wants and needs. For example, you may want to film your virtual conference in a purpose-built studio. Or alternatively, you may want to bring a mobile studio into your office space.

Our tech team can provide a wide range of different services and will ensure that wherever in the world your delegates are tuning in from, the content will run smoothly. This is also a great option to consider if you have delegates attending who speak different languages as we can provide translation services.

On-Demand Content

Sometimes it is not always possible for all of your online delegates to attend your virtual conference at the same time. This is when it is worth considering making your virtual conference content on-demand, allowing delegates to tune in at a time that is convenient to them.

You can still run a live virtual conference where the majority of your delegates will attend as the virtual conference is streamed out. However, by having content that is accessible post-conference, you can allow delegates who have missed out to still gain valuable insight. Furthermore, the online delegates who did attend are able to listen back to any talks or discussions they may have found particularly insightful.

All in all, by having your virtual conference available to view on-demand not only does it may attending convenient and easy, but it also allows for extra insight and is a great teaching tool.

LED virtual studio hire multi camera live recoding. Available to hire for virtual events

To summarise, we think virtual conferences are an excellent tool for communicating with partners, stakeholders, investors and employees. They allow attendees to have the flexibility to attend without the pressure of having to be physically in that location.

The key is to always focus on keeping engagement high and ensuring that your conference is valuable to your virtual delegates.

If you are considering hosting a virtual conference, you may also want to consider running a hybrid conference event which combines an in-person presence with a virtual attendee option.

Our expert team of event managers is on hand to help with all your virtual, hybrid and live event conference needs, so get in touch to find out more.

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