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children's party entertainment

Virtual Children’s Parties: How to Source the Right Entertainers!

After nearly 3 months of social distancing due to Covid, we are all ready to slowly but surely go back to normality. However, as much as we all want to restart celebrating occasions, we still have to proceed with caution for a little while longer- especially when it comes to the little ones in the … Continued


7 Winter Wonderland Shows that you will want to book RIGHT NOW!

Along with the “when is it socially acceptable to start planning Christmas parties?” question, the Holiday season comes with a few time sensitive challenges. Because Event Management companies and Entertainment Agencies tend to book out all of their entertainment quite early one. What that means is that to find the best Christmas and Winter Wonderland … Continued

Film characters for events and parties

Take our Event Movie Themed Entertainment personality test!

So you are planning to put together an event, which you already know that you want to be Movie or Hollywood Themed. However, you have about 50 different favourite Movie Characters and you would like for all of them to make an appearance at your party! Unless you are planning a huge scale event, you … Continued


5 Unique Sports Entertainment Ideas

Sports Entertainment is one of the most exciting and eye-catching entertainment categories on offer. Our Sports Performers are a very popular option for Product Launches, Brand Activations, Exhibitions and other public events and of course sports events.


Basic guide to put on an online event with virtual performers

2020 has proven to be a -for lack of better words- bizarre year where conference calls have become a trend. Even people and companies who refused to become friends with technology before have now been forced to make use of services like Zoom, Skype, and even Whatsapp calls on a daily basis! Professionals within the … Continued


How Technical Entertainment Has Changed In 10 Years

The world of entertainment has been undergoing an incredible change in the last decade. Not that long ago our experiences only lived in the moment they happened, in our memories and sometimes in old-fashioned analogue printed photographs. Today that has all changed due to the growth of the Internet, social networks and mobile connectivity.


What to expect when hiring a Christmas Grotto Management Company

The Events Sector has become heavily crowded, and consequently, the market has become highly competitive. Why is this an important factor to take into account when hiring a Christmas Grotto Management Company? Very simple: not all Events Companies are the same and this is why it is crucial to investigate before you pick! In Today’s … Continued

Virtual event entertainers across the world

AWESOME Entertainment Ideas for all kinds of Events!

Every private host, company, delegate and occasion are different. This means that there are not 2 events in this world that are the same! As a global Event Management company with over 20 years of experience, we pride ourselves on creating unique concepts for events and audiences of all kinds. A big part of our … Continued

Christmas venue event theming

7 Unusual Christmas Entertainment ideas for your Corporate Party

As we all know, the Christmas season brings us some of the event highlights of the year. Fun-filled Christmas Office Parties, luxurious Company Gala Dinners, Winter-Themed Exhibitions and Year Round-up Corporate Conferences… These are just a few of the Events that can be hosted around Christmas. And of course, Seasonal Entertainment tends to be the … Continued

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