2020 has proven to be a -for lack of better words- bizarre year where conference calls have become a trend. Even people and companies who refused to become friends with technology before have now been forced to make use of services like Zoom, Skype, and even Whatsapp calls on a daily basis!

Professionals within the events sector have always had to use this service to communicate with clients around the world. However, events carried through zoom calls have been regarded more as a rarity.

…Until now! With both clients and event managers not willing to see the party stop, it doesn’t then come as a surprise that, with the current climate, virtual entertainers for zoom calls have become a thing. But how do you exactly put on a show for your call attendees with virtual performers? Let us run you through the basics.

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1. Check what virtual entertainment is on offer

A lot of Event Management Companies have adapted to the current situation and are currently offering INCREDIBLE online acts for zoom events. But some others haven’t. Therefore, your first step of this wonderous journey will be checking different entertainment and event management agencies to see what they have put together!

2. Have a chat with the events managers and ask EVERYTHING

More of a general one, make sure that you speak to a few event managers and ask a few questions before you pick one. You can ask questions about their way of working, previous clients, fees (obviously!), if they have some Case Studies for you to see… And in general, get a proper feel about their personality and way of working! Also, it is a good idea to ask them to show you a video of an online performance of the virtual entertainer you are interested in.

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3. Find out what Virtual Act best matches your online event

Even if through a zoom conference call, every event is different and every crowd is different. Whether you are planning a corporate event, team building event or birthday party, you must have your guests in mind when you choose your Virtual Performer. If you need help with this, your event manager will be more than happy to help! Also, it is probably wise to get a proper understanding of what sort of acts will shine through a computer screen. Remember that your computer is VERY different than a stage hence the experience will be quite different.

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4. Chat with your Virtual Entertainer

Once you have picked your Virtual Interactive Performer, have a short phone call with them to get to know them and get a proper feel of their personality. It might seem like an unnecessary step, but especially because your event is going to be done long distance, through a computer or phone display, you want to make sure that this performer has a likable personality that will show through the screen!

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5. Finally, avoid possible bleeps checking internet infrastructure

We have all had conference calls where somebody (or everybody!) ended up sounding like a Dalek and looking like a Picasso. We want to leave these Pop culture references to the Virtual Entertainers, not being a cause of a bad internet connection. Therefore, it is a good idea to check your own internet connection, as well as your guests’ and the online entertainers’, before you start!

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