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The Venue

Named in tribute to our Buckinghamshire home, MK-7 is a vibrant new space within the Red Bull Racing Formula One Team Factory, created to represent our history and provide a unique, immersive and F1-infused environment for all of our visitors.

Versatile and dynamic, MK-7 is an inspiring space that is perfect for private functions. Unique meeting rooms and an exclusive Mezzanine overlook our racing memories making it the ideal host for presentations, launches, lunches, gala dinners and cocktail evenings.

Our Thoughts

The space lends itself to a wide range of events and clients but also hinders some event types from happening there. Due to its heavily branded nature it does mean that perhaps other brands may not find it too easy to launch their next product at MK-7. That said, the venue does not shy away from this fact. It is a niche venue, a high end venue which is very proud of the heritage and winning mentality of Red bull Racing. The venue is state of the art with full in-house AV systems and boasts a spectacular function space where you can get up close and personal with the past Red Bull F1 Cars. Within the main room you can comfortably fit up to 120 guests seated for a gala dinner or even set out a unique conference style event with the use of the gigantic screen and large open floor space. For those clients of ours looking to maximise their experience at Red Bull Racings new, MK-7 offer a range of different conference rooms which of course house all the equipment you need to hold presentations and meetings. With the use of the buildings around the venue you can also hire one of the meeting spaces which over look the warehouse where they make the cars, test the engines and you may even be lucky enough to have your quarterly sales meeting whilst they practice pit stops.

I would like to say I can share images of this area however, pictures are strictly prohibited for obvious reasons. I believe this also adds in some way to the exclusivity and hype of the venue itself.

If you are however a fan of F1 or like me, just curious then MK-7 also offer Factory Tours of the facility where you will experience how they build the cars and design the engines for yourself.

If you are thinking of booking a unique venue for your next event then perhaps consider hiring Red Bull Racings new event facility. Contact one of our event planners today and we can organise a show around for your next conference, Meeting or gala dinner.

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