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Saudi Seasons is an initiative launched in 2019 with an aim to activate the tourism industry in Saudi Arabia. The main aim is to open Saudi’s doors to the world and really showcase its rich history and culture.

Additionally, it’s a way for Saudi Arabia to generate additional revenue as well as creating lots more job opportunities.

The intention behind Saudi seasons is to hold yearly celebrations of what the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has to offer the world. 2020 has taken a step back due to the global pandemic, however, we still expect to see celebrations and events in Saudi Arabia towards the latter end of the year.

How many Saudi Seasons are there?

In total Saudi Arabia celebrated 11 seasons in 2019. These were:

  1. Riyadh season
  2. Jeddah season
  3. Eastern province season
  4. Taif season
  5. Al Soudah season
  6. National Day season
  7. Al-Diriyah season
  8. Al-Ula season
  9. Hail season
  10. Ramadan season
  11. Eid Al-Fitr season

Each of these seasons aimed to showcase a unique and exciting insight into what Saudi Arabia is like as a Kingdom.

Saudi Seasons in 2020

Although the Saudi Seasons celebrations have currently been put on hold, there is the expectation that we will see some events creeping back in towards the latter part of the year.

However, some events were able to take place prior to the pandemic. These included:

Each of these events focused around the arts and celebrating Saudi Arabia’s culture. As in many events in KSA entertainment was an important factor.

Close up of giant monster prop used to dress venue space for Horror Festival in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Riyadh Season

The theme around Riyadh season was ‘imagine’. For this season Saudi Arabia put on 100+ different events centred around this theme. There was a heavy influence around the arts and entertainment sector.

Riyadh Season stretched over 12 zones, for 70 days, with over 100 separate events. We were lucky enough to design and manage the Horror Festival which was one of the events taking place over Riyadh season.

Jeddah Season

Jeddah Season’s aim was to portray itself as the centre of tourism and entertainment globally.

Running as a 10-day event in July, Jeddah season boasted a line up of entertainment, leisure, thrills and activities including music, art, culture and sport. Jeddah is a vibrant city with a more cosmopolitan feel in comparison to Riyadh and this was strongly reflected in Jeddah season.

Eastern Province Season

The Eastern Province Season ran for 18 days in 2019 and consisted of 80 entertainment and sporting events that took place across the Eastern Province cities.

The 4 main categories for the Eastern Province Season were entertainment, sports, culture and forums and exhibitions. International artists Pitbull, Akon and DJ Tiesto performed on the second weekend in to the Eastern Provence Season.

Taif Season

Known as the city of roses, Taif season showcased what Saudi Arabia had to offer in cultural authenticity and artistic heritage. With events such as the camel festival and the rose village, there was a real focus on culture and creating an authentic Arad ambience.

Al Soudah Season

The Al Soudah Season took place in a tourist village in the Abha region of Saudi Arabia. The Al Soudah Season took place in July with the activities taking place in the Soudha highlands, forests and cultural and historical places of significance.

National Day Season

The National Day Season consisted of a 5 day event attracting more than 3.7million people to various events across the Kingdom. Consisting of festivals, concerts, fireworks and youth forums, the National Day Season aimed to celebrate the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Al-Diriyah season

Diriyah, just minutes away from Saudi Arabia’s capital Riyadh, is known as the birthplace of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Al-Diriyah season focused around international sports and entertainment and was hosted on UNESCO world heritage site.

With a strong focus on sporting events, they hosted boxing championships, Formula-E racing, tennis tournaments and an equestrian festival.

Al-Ula season

Combining incredible weekend events over the winter season, Al-Ula season offered an insight into a different region of Saudi Arabia.

With hot air balloon events over the dessert, world-renowned performances in the Maraya concert hall and Fursan horse racing Al-Ula season offered yet another insight into Saudi Arabia’s rich culture.

Hail Season

Another of Saudi Arabia’s seasons, Hail Season is said to represent the nobility of the past with the outlook of the future. One of the large events that were created for Hail Season was a four-day mountain bike race tournament.

Ramadan Season

Ramadan Season aimed to achieve cultural, entertainment, sporting and religious goals. The season was created to showcase the virtues of the holy month.

However, like so many other seasons, it aimed to bring in exciting sporting and entertainment events. Hosting basketball, volleyball and football events. As well as 3D shows and electronic gaming competitions.

Eid Al-Fitr season

Eid Al-Fitr marks the end of Ramadan. Translated, Eid Al-Fitr season literally means “festival of breaking the fast” and is celebrated once Ramadan has come to an end.

The Eid Al-Fitr season was focused around culture and religion, giving others a real insight into the importance of Eid Al-Fitr and the significance it has in Islamic culture in Saudi Arabia and across the world.

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