Assembling the Ideas

We were recommended to Al Fakher by a company called RDX Concepts that had been impressed by our previous work in the Middle East.

The company is the biggest supplier of Shisha Tobacco in the Arab region, meaning it was essential we came up with our best work to impress such a big client.

Together with RDX, we were tasked with creating a unique Product Launch Event concept for their new Red Mix product they wanted to launch in London.

We began putting together some product launch events concepts and brand proposals.

Red Mix Product Launch Requirements:

  • The Red Mix Product Launch Event to remain consistent with thoroughly researched brand guidelines
  • A Unique Product Launch Event to set a benchmark for the quality and exclusivity of the product
  • Source a venue and provide a bespoke event concept unique to them

Adding our Expertise

For this unique product launch event, we shortlisted three venues and drafted unique concepts for each.

Using our venue sourcing service, we chose to host the product launch event at the very special Tobacco Dock, London.

As goes with any Product Launch, the product launch event had to resemble the quality of the product. To ensure this was successful, we integrated digital interactive elements to the set design.

One of our favourites was the digital floor we created where you could kick away smoke to reveal the ‘Red Mix’ logo.

The Red Mix product launch event kicked off with a singer who’s dress was also a screen for 3D mapping projection.

Throughout the product launch event, we provided thrilling aerial hoop acts, a bespoke cocktail bar and even an immersive Red Mix lab that we had custom-built, on top of many more innovative ideas from the team!

What Did We Provide?

  • We designed everything from the product launch event concept onwards
  • Our team supplied all Bespoke Furniture, Catering Services, Entertainment and Advanced Technology
  • To ensure the event was a success, we provided Full Event Management, Travel Management and Delegate Management Services
  • We provided Venue Sourcing Services which led to Tobacco Dock decision

Admiring the results

The Client was really happy with how the event turned out and how Red Mix came across to the attendees; it was deemed a successful product launch event!

Guests were impressed with the interactivity and by the quality of entertainment and just how professionally the product launch event was run overall.

The concept we designed worked perfectly with the Tobacco Dock venue, creating an immersive experience that captured the essence of Red Mix and proved to be extremely popular with the client and guests.

We Did We Achieve?

  • A Successful Product Launch event that created great awareness of the Red Mix Product and Brand
  • An interactive and immersive experience to ensure the product launch was a memorable one
  • A successful Product Launch event concept that was designed bespoke for the Tobacco Dock Venue!

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