Christmas is this magical season where excess glitter, prolonged lazy family time and mulled wine 24/7 become socially acceptable. It is also a time of the year where shoppers are especially active, buying presents for their loved ones and stocking on all the possible Festive ornaments and food! This phenomenon becomes the perfect window of opportunity for Shopping Centres to host wonderful Christmas events for their guests to enjoy.

And the perfect way to take your guests from event to event? Let us introduce you to the beloved Christmas mini train! But, why is this Holiday attraction so popular within Shopping Complex owners? In Today’s article, we run you through the main 3 reasons why we think it is a good idea for you to hire this joy-inducing ride.

Christmas Land Trains for hire in red and gold adorned with garlands

1. The Christmas mini train will raise the Holiday Spirit a 200%

As mentioned above, the Xmas land train is the best, most gleeful way to take your shoppers from corner to corner of your Shopping Mall. Especially if the building is very big, it will ensure that the delegates are driven safely to the desired destination, whether it is a Christmas Market, Pop-up Xmas Shops, or a Santa’s Grotto.

More importantly, this Seasonal Attraction can be Bespoke garnished with rich Christmas Garlands and decorations to make sure to keep the Christmas spirit going. Also, it can incorporate your own branding or any design needs that you may have. 

To make sure that your shoppers truly feel the Christmas Spirit, the Mini Train can be driven by the Big Man himself! That means that your guests can enjoy a Christmas train ride with Santa, along his crew of cheeky Elves. 

Shopping Centre event with a Christmas Land Train and elves

2. Your shoppers will have the BEST seasonal family time!

Family time is the very essence of Christmas. And our Xmas train’s mission is to provide your delegates with a unique and memorable experience whilst doing their Christmas shopping with the family. To ensure this, this Seasonal ride constitutes: 

  • A great opportunity for your guests to take memorable pictures for them to keep. Of course, that also makes a great chance to get wonderful footage for your business’ promotion and social media. 
  • The perfect moment to take your shoppers on a ride around the Shopping Centre, allowing them to discover new corners, shops and restaurants for them to enjoy with their family. 
  • A happy collateral consequence of the train is that the rest of your shoppers will get to see a filled with joyful, smiley people. That will not only make them feel the seasonal cheer, but hopefully also put them in the mood for some last minute Christmas shopping! 
Christmas Land Train with Elves and Santa

3. The Christmas train will boost your Shopping Centre’s popularity!

One of the most powerful marketing tools is, surprisingly, still word of mouth! This is especially true when we are speaking of families with small children. That means that if little Scotty really enjoyed the Christmas train, mum will probably spread the word to the neighbour, who has 3 small children. 

As much as 2020 is very much about Social Media and online marketing, we cannot underestimate this powerful tool. If the Christmas mini train is successful enough, your Shopping Complex could very quickly become well-known as a family Seasonal day out!

Hence, with some clever advertising and the help of a few happy shoppers, your Christmas Ride could secure attendance of new audiences to the Christmas events hosted at your mall throughout this Christmas and next!

Christmas Land Trains available for Shopping Centres over the Christmas Period

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