It is no wonder that Zoom has become even more popular over the last few months. With a vast majority of companies working from home Zoom and many other conference call platforms have been a massive part in the ongoing fight to keep on top of productivity in the workplace whilst working remotely.

Therefore, with this in mind, we have put together some options to keep things fun and interactive in your conference calls by way of virtual entertainment. By adding Virtual entertainment into your online meeting or virtual conference you will increase engagement and turn your event into an online experience!

Below are some ideas which may help change a somewhat boring conference call into something more engaging and dynamic.

Virtual Mind Reading

Mind reading magic stage show for hire. Our Mentalist is available to book for private parties in London & the UK.

Mind Reading is one of the most engaging and interactive entertainment options at live events so why not bring this into your next Zoom call? We have developed some options which can allow anything from 1-7 or 10-200 staff on a conference call to take part in this virtual entertainment option.

Interactive & Immersive Virtual Experience [ 1 – 7 people ]
20 minutes
Everyone is involved during the call and experiences / participates with a mix of mental and virtual magic altogether.
Finishes with an impossible / branded ending bespoke to the client
*Prerequisites: Everyone must have an ink marker (visible pen on camera) and a pad of paper. 
At least 2 members must have an ordinary deck of 52 playing cards. 
Ideally, everyone should participate via Zoom viewed on a laptop and have their mobile phone available for interactive use. I often suggest clients with larger numbers book multiple sessions and time table the performances for their staff. 

Interactive Magic & Chat [ 10 – 200 people ] 
20-30 minutes
This is based around a talkshow format, where Maddox interacts with one person from the company in a relaxed Q&A format with magic effects in between. Using the chat window Maddox is able to randomly select other members of the company to participate, and will perform various interactive magical effects in between the Q&A to keep energy and momentum throughout the session. 

This unique format is designed to give companies with large numbers an interactive experience with a memorable insight into the world of an illusionist, discusses his experiences opening stadiums for Coldplay, his transition from working with pop stars in the music industry to magic and gets people involved throughout the session to participate in virtual magic effects. 
The session finishes with an impossible / branded ending bespoke to the client’s name. 

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Online Magicians & Virtual Magic Workshops

Walkabout digital magician for hire for events in the UK.

Digital Magicians are a great way of close interaction with your delegates. why not take this to the next level by booking a digital magician for your next conference call? Our Digital magic sessions are a perfect way of allowing your colleagues to take part in the show from their homes. Our magicians can do tricks via live link, create custom 20-30 minute shows specific to your brand and can even teach magic to large groups as part of team building. Book this virtual entertainment option for your next conference call by getting in contact with one of the team.

Online Quiz and Quiz Master Hire

Hire our interactive quiz for your next exhibition or event.

Quiz nights are often a popular option for staff get-togethers. They both engaging and fun and are a brilliant way to boost team morale. Our Quizmasters can create custom quiz games for your company and for the number of people on a call. Each quiz can be themed and we can also arrange gifts to be delivered to the winners of the quiz.

Quiz games for your conference calls can include popular music trivia, Movies and even something more specific to your brand.

Online Circus Workshops

Chic group of male circus jugglers. Performing for Circus theme party. Available to hire UK
Chic group of male circus jugglers. Performing for Circus theme party. Available to hire UK

Hire a Circus Workshop the next time you think about having entertainment for your conference call. We created a bunch of really exciting classes which are hosted by our professional circus entertainers. Oh what fun to see your CEO try to juggle, your HR manager try to hula hoop and the new intern doing their best to tackle some more difficult circus skills. The online virtual circus workshops are great fun and brilliant way of boosting morale throughout your company.

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Virtual Music Gigs

Branded musical performances for conferences and events in the UK.

Bring the intensity of a music gig to your colleague’s house with our interactive music gigs. Created bespoke for conference calls. before you ask, yes we do take requests!

We can arrange our professional musicians to create small shows for your staff. From DJ’s doing live sets to keep you entertained or solo and duo artists doing acoustic sets via conference call.

The Acoustic Brothers for hire. Book our acoustic guitarists for family fun days in London & the UK.

If you wish to know more about how we can create a Virtual event for your next conference call then get in contact with one of the team.

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