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Christmas is now out of the way and the year is slowly coming to a close. We have eaten around 500 kgs of turkey, spent lots of time with our family, sung all sorts of ridiculous carols and played board games for hours. It is now time to leave the ugly Christmas sweaters and Santa hats behind and start planning one of the most glamorous parties in the calendar: the New Year’s Eve Party. Now, how to welcome the New Year in style? Take a look at 7 of our favourite Themed Events that will make your party second to none!

Making our imagination travel the world to welcome the New year!

1. The Chinese New Year is one of the most extravagant and colourful parties out there, as well as the biggest Asian festival in the world. Chinese Lion dancers, Dragons, Geishas… With our outstanding entertainers and Chinese New Year event theming, we can deliver the most exciting and authentic experience out there.

2. Thousands of people choose to welcome the year by Big Ben, watching the fireworks, each year. Therefore, as a UK based company, we consider important to cater for those who choose to celebrate the new year eve… In a very British way! Our Best British event theming offers quirky British entertainment options such as stilt walkers, British Bobbies and even air displays.

Dancing Water Circus Show for hire. Book our Chinese Circus Act for New year's eve events in the UK!

Time travelling to a different century to plan the best party!

3. for these who enjoy classy events with a touch of Venetian fantasy, the Masquerade Themed Event is the perfect gate to the 15th century Venetian Carnivals. With the aid of human tables, jugglers, and masked ball dancers, the masked ball party theme if possibly the classiest way to welcome the new year.

4. What way to celebrate the New Year’s Eve than with a roaring 20’s Great Gatsby theme? Using iconic flapper girls and Gatsby dancers as well as dressing the venue with classic wooden bars and 1920s style tables will create just the right atmosphere for an unforgettable event.  

Challenging reality to throw a New Year’s Eve themed event in style!

5. If instead of travelling a few centuries back in time we are fancying some good old Hollywood spy glamour, then the James Bond Themed party is the best pick. Luxury casino games, Aston Martin DB5 car hire and Martini bars make great entertainment options for a New Year’s Eve party.

6. one of our most popular themed events, Twisted Alice in Wonderland Theme will transport our guests to a colourful and quirky, yet slightly dark and cynical fantasy. For these of us who enjoy the Gothic touch of Tim Burton’s version of Lewis Carrol’s tale, this event theme is a must-have!

7. Our Circus themed events are vibrant, full of energy and magic! With our aerialists, clowns and props and decorations, we can transform the venue into either a full-size circus or even a smaller scale version for this magical time of the year.

LED dancers available to book for twisted alice themed events.

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