Every private host, company, delegate and occasion are different. This means that there are not 2 events in this world that are the same! As a global Event Management company with over 20 years of experience, we pride ourselves on creating unique concepts for events and audiences of all kinds. A big part of our job is to ensure that your guests have the best time at your party with our varied, high-quality Entertainment. Today, we tell you about some of our acts and attractions that could suit your party.

Exhibition Attractions and Technology Entertainment for Brand Reveals

Attractions are an amazing way to keep your guests engaged. Of course, different age groups will require particular activities. For this reason, we make sure to factor the smallest and older ones in the room when talking about entertainment with a client. 

  • Escape Rooms can constitute a fantastic team-building experience if you are organising an office party or even a Shopping Centre Event. It will unite your staff and audience as a team, resolving puzzles and looking for clues to escape the room in a specific time. 
  • Petting Zoos are a wonderful experience for children both young and old. They are ideal for Corporate Family Fundays and Garden Centre Events. They will make a great opportunity to take pictures that will be cherished forever.
  • Virtual reality Pods and other Robot and Technological Attractions are especially popular for Exhibitions and even Conferences. Acts like our Swaying Robot and Interactive Quiz Games will make sure to keep an active and lively atmosphere that will carry through the event!
  • 3D and 4D Mapping is a smart, sleek and (even better!) sustainable way to stage a Product Launch Event. These projection shows can be made bespoke to suit your branding and needs.
Our technological and virtual acts and experiences are available for online conferences

Live Broadcast Musicians & Artists for onsite & Virtual Events

One thing that lockdown has proved is that events can, in fact, be carried through virtually. That is why our musicians and artists are trained to deliver the BEST performance online and offline.

  • Our Artistic Performers can offer both a sit-down and enjoy show and interactive experience. We can bring to your event Face and Body Painters, Origami Artists, Caricaturists, Virtual Painters and much, much more!
  • We are in contact with Musicians and Bands of all genres, disciplines and backgrounds. So whether you are looking for anything from a classical harpist to a Rock Band, we have got you covered! 
  • There are hundreds of styles and genres of Dance. Ballet Dancers are very popular for Christmas Events and Gala Dinners. Also, our Brazilian Samba Dancers are a big hit for Summer and Tropical-Themed Events.
Rubik Cube Artistic performer available for virtual and offline events of all sizes.

Walkabout & Interactive Entertainers for Family Fundays

Are you looking for entertainers to mingle and interact with your guests? Our themed Walkabouts are ready for the task and are highly versatile.

  • Our Stilt Walker circus performers will stand out in a crowd. These entertainers can be dressed specially for Halloween, Christmas, Summer, Easter, and any Event Theme you need.
  • Do you want to bring a movie or TV Star to your event? You can give your delegates the opportunity to take pictures with Johnny Depp, Marilyn Monroe, Daniel Craig and even Rod Stewards (x2!).
  • For most people, food makes a great reward. Treat your delegates with our unusual Catering options, like the Human Tables, the edible Mist machines and Cocktail Ice-Cream van!
Our Ancient Egyptian Stilt Walkers are available for events and parties across the UK.

These are just some of our wide range of entertainment options. If you are planning an event, whether in person or remotely, we are 100% sure that we have got the act for you! 

Make sure to get in touch with us if you are interested in one of the acts mentioned above or have any questions about our Entertainment Agency or Event Management Services.

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