Halloween is one of our favourite seasons of the year; it’s one of the most popular times of the year for events, parties, activations and more – making us very busy over this period!

There’s one thing all of these events have in common – and that’s the Halloween themed entertainment.

Bespoke Halloween Horror House Event Attraction designed and produced by Julia Charles Event Management.

To make these events stand out – whether it’s a staff Halloween party or a Halloween shopping centre activation – it’s important to choose the right performers and attractions to bring the excitement!

As an entertainment agency we work with performers and suppliers not only across the UK, but around the globe too. Meaning we have access to the best Halloween entertainment.

Top 5 Halloween Entertainment Ideas

To help with your Halloween parties and events this year – here’s some of our personal favourites! We recommend booking groups of performers – so these ideas fit well as part of a Halloween entertainment group.

Creepy Clown Performer

Want to terrify your guests this Halloween? Our Creepy Clown is the perfect entertainer to do just this!

Perfect for staff Halloween parties and as part of a Halloween Activation, our creepy clown performer looks scarily realistic and makes you second guess whether it’s a performer or genuinely a possessed character from another realm!

With the incredible detail and use of prosthetics this performer uses, it’s perfect for scaring the life out of your guests.

Halloween clown for Halloween Themed Events

Sets can be customised to suit your event, however, we recommend splitting the performer into sets to spread the terror over the course of the event.

This creepy clown pairs well with other creepy circus acts and is fantastic for creating jump scares for your guests at your Halloween party or event. While guests roam your event and interact with each other, our clown will make surprise appearances – jumping behind guests in photos and more.

Our Halloween Clown is also the perfect entertainer to add to a Halloween scare maze – making guests jump and even chasing them around the maze!

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Werewolf Character

Our werewolf will make your guests howl with terror!

Another walkabout, interactive performer, our Werewolf Character is another great addition to any Halloween Party, Event or Activation.

Our werewolf snarls at passing guests and even poses for photos with guests…don’t get too close though!

In addition to the high quality and detail of the costume, this werewolf also has realistic sound effects to make their presence known, creating a real spectacle at any Halloween event they are a part of.

Close up photo of werewolf character with blood

The costume worn by the performer can also be modified to suit any event – perfect if you’re following a specific theme or even want the costume branded.

They can also carry props such as rusty scythes or gnawed-on body parts to add a menacing touch and make for a fantastic photo opportunity – perfect for public Halloween activations.

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Pumpkin Carving Workshop

This one’s a little bit different! What screams Halloween more than pumpkins?

We have a fantastic, talented Pumpkin Carving Artist who provides two different options – either pre-carved pumpkins she can send to you that have anything you request on it – branding, a personal message or other designs. We’ve had all sorts of requests from proposing, marketing campaigns and pumpkin carvings of pets!

Corporate branded pre-carved pumpkins create by our professional pumpkin carver.

Our pumpkin carver is perfect for your next brand event or campaign. It doesn’t have to be just pumpkins either, she can also do fruit carvings.

Or can provide a pumpkin carving workshop that works perfectly as a team building activity for companies looking to boost staff morale around Halloween. Our pumpkin carver will teach your group how to create their own amazing pumpkins, making their pumpkins really stand out on the 31st.

Pumpkin Carver surrounded by carved pumpkins, providing a corporate Halloween pumpkin carving workshop.

Our pumpkin carver offers both live and virtual pumpkin carving workshops that last anywhere from 30-90 minutes.

These pumpkins also works great for social media and even corporate gifts. With years of experience in this unique area, our professional pumpkin carver is able to teach anyone to carve.

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Circus Stilt Walkers

Another group of circus entertainers – our circus stilt walkers are a fantastic Halloween entertainment group, perfect for Halloween activations and public events!

Wearing highly detailed circus costumes, recreating a creepy vintage circus feel, our circus stilt walkers are the perfect meet and greet entertainers for a Halloween scare attraction. Or can even be part of a Halloween immersive experience.

They also carry bespoke props to add flair including balloons and hula hoops, they can even serve your guests drinks on arrival!

Stilt performers stand with acrobats

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Halloween Alice In Wonderland Characters

Last but not least is our Halloween Alice In Wonderland Characters!

Our horror-themed Alice in Wonderland walkabout characters have incredibly realistic make-up to create the perfect atmosphere to frighten your guests with at any Halloween Scare Attraction.

These performers have incredible body paint and make-up and are of an extremely high standard.

The characters include: the Red Queen, Mad Hatter and Alice herself. Our horror characters can be hired as together as a group or as individual roaming characters but will scare your guests in any capacity.

Halloween walkabout entertainment for corporate events

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Here’s What Your Halloween Entertainment Could Look Like

As mentioned at the start of this article, we recommend hiring a group of Halloween entertainers to make your experience more immersive and of course more scary!

Here’s what it could look like:

Group photo of twisted circus themed performers

Looking To Book Halloween Themed Entertainment?

We hope our list of Halloween entertainment helped!

If you want to book Halloween Entertainment, we offer a range of bespoke entertainment packages that include groups of performers, perfect for Halloween Events, Activations and more.

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