Looking To Book Halloween Scare Attractions For Your Event?

As an event management company with over fifteen years in the events industry, we have produced and managed Halloween Scare Attractions for events in the UK and Internationally.

We Offer These Halloween Scare Attractions:


*We are still able to deliver our Halloween Scare Attractions whilst COVID-19 Restrictions and Social Distancing Measures are in place.*


HALLOWEEN Maze Production Company

We provide Halloween maze production services for a vast range of locations across the UK and around the Globe in the UAE and across Europe.

Whether you are looking to create an immersive experience for a Halloween party or you are looking to book a Halloween Maze for a shopping centre, our team of professional event planners and designers can certainly help.

Producing Halloween Mazes and bespoke Scare Attractions inside and outside of venues and event spaces, we can put on the perfect Halloween experience which is both scary and memorable.

To give you a clear vision for how your Halloween Scare Attraction could look, our event professionals create 3D CAD Drawings of your event space and show you in great detail how we can produce the perfect Halloween Maze attraction for you.


Being an entertainment agency, we have access to a huge catalogue of Scare Actors and Halloween Entertainment, all of which are extremely professional and always put on a brilliant performance.

If you have a venue or event space and would like to look into booking a zombie experience or a scare experience for public events then we can design and produce one for you.

We take into account every aspect of your venue and create custom made Zombie Experiences and Scare Attractions around it.

We also work closely with our clients to develop scripts and narratives for our Halloween attractions which can work with your brand.

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Southport Trick or Treat Street Event Production

Specialists In Halloween Scare Attractions

We specialise in Scare Attraction hire in the UK, and continue to bring new concepts and ideas to the table for bespoke Halloween Scare Attractions to keep your Halloween Events fresh and exciting.

This is exactly what we did for Southport BID with our “Trick or Treat Street”. This was a brilliant scare attraction which brought huge success to the town of Southport. They had record numbers coming to the town centre to take part in what would be the event of the year.

Each house we built had doors and windows with scare actors with custom-written scripts behind them. The scripts used by our scare actors can be tailored to your event or customer experience to suit you.

We have built many bespoke scare attractions for all types of clients not only in the UK but across Europe and in the UAE.

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Creating Exciting Halloween Experiences

Halloween Mazes or Scare attractions used to be something you have to go to a theme park to experience…not anymore!

You can now book crazy Halloween Scare Attractions such as Halloween Mazes, Zombie Experiences and Escape Rooms.

Our team of event designers and producers can design and create a bespoke Halloween Scare Attraction, such as a Halloween maze in almost any venue or event space.

We work with the best scare actors and in-house story writers to create a narrative that is custom to you or your company.

All Of Our Bespoke Halloween Experiences:

  • Can be adapted to allow for Social Distancing measures to be put in place
  • Can be designed to suit your Venue with almost any size available
  • Can be Branded and even have a story bespoke to you or your brand (perfect for Brand Activations and Product Launches)
  • Are fully immersive and interactive, allowing your guests to be a part of the experience
  • Can be created for both private and public events
  • Can be as family-friendly or as scary as you like it
  • Can be Ticketed or Free to Attend

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Grueling Halloween Entertainment and Scare Actors To Match

Our Halloween Scare Attractions would not be the same without our Halloween Entertainment and Scare Actors to perform with them.

Being an entertainment agency with over fifteen years in the industry, we have access to the World’s best Halloween Performers and Scare Actors.

Our Halloween Entertainment will make your Halloween Scare Attraction stand out from the rest and will make for a Halloween experience like no other.

Our Halloween Scare Actors and Performers can roam your Halloween event and interact with the visitors to boost engagement and inject some excitement into your event!

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International Halloween Scare Attraction Events

As an international events agency, we deliver Halloween Events with bespoke Halloween Scare Attractions for clients not only across the UK but all around the globe.

We recently worked with a client in Saudi Arabia delivering a large scale Halloween Scare Festival event, providing full event management services, Staging, Lighting & AV services and more.

To ensure the Halloween Scare Festival Event really stood out to the visitors and met the high standards of the event, our team provided a wide range of bespoke Halloween Scare Attractions as well as Halloween Theming.

Our Team Provided The Following:

  • Mummy’s Curse Haunted House
  • Hollywood Horrors Haunted House
  • Walking Dead (Zombie) Haunted House
  • Clown Maze
  • Zombie Archery, Haunted VR, Zombie Apocalypse Interactive Shooting Experience
  • Stage Shows (dark, carnival, freak shows)
  • Bespoke Large Scale Props (such as the one in the image to the right)
  • Custom Costumes for our Scare Actors

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