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Assembling the Ideas

We were contacted by the Newmarket BID to put together a public Christmas event and Santa’s Grotto that was going to take place in the Town Centre over an entire weekend.

They asked us to put together some Christmas activities around the town in the daytime, a Santa Grotto that was free for public use and a parade for Newmarket’s community to enjoy at night.

With a vision in mind for what they wanted the Christmas event to achieve, they needed us to use our resources to deliver it and provide Full Design, Event Production and Event Management. We only had four weeks lead time for this event, which would usually take months of preparation.

The Client Required:

  • A Santa’s Grotto to cater for approximately 450 families
  • A public Christmas event that an estimated 7000 people were going to attend
  • Full Concept, Event Design, Event Production and Event Management services

Adding our Expertise

The air was filled with Christmas magic thanks to the many bespoke designed props, Santa’s Grotto and Christmas Entertainment we placed all around the town centre!

Our Christmas Walkabout Entertainment put smiles on people’s faces all over the town and queue for miles to visit.

We provided people with complimentary mince pies and mulled wine to help manage the enormous queues of people and supplied enough presents for around 1000 children!

We organised street closures for the incredible Christmas Parade that featured some of our most creative street entertainment, such as the LED Drummers and Wise Men and Camels act, and supplied overnight security for Saturday night.

  • Bespoke Christmas Set Design and Prop Build
  • Full Santa’s Grotto design and Grotto management services
  • We Supplied all Christmas Entertainment and security
  • We delivered the Christmas Event and Santa’s Grotto within budget!

Admiring the results

The Christmas event went down as a massive success and one of the local newspapers described it as ‘the best Christmas event Newmarket had ever seen’.

Roughly 1000 children from 450 families attended the Santa’s Grotto that day with no issues and every child left delighted with their gift, which was a testament to our queue and grotto management services.

The Christmas Parade was spectacular and the 7000 strong Newmarket community was filled with the spirit of Christmas as a result.

What Did We Achieve?

  • The ‘Best Christmas event Newmarket had ever seen’ according to newspapers!
  • 450 families enjoyed the Santa’s Grotto with no issues or complaints
  • A turnout of 7000 people to the Christmas event

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