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Assembling the Ideas

Each year we put on a Christmas event for the families of the Royal Bank of Canada. It’s an important time for this client, and they stressed to us the importance of team building and family enjoyment being prominent at this event. The entertainment and design needed to be suitable for people of all ages to enjoy, and we were required to select the venue and work within a budget.

The event needed to be:

•    Suitable for children and overall family oriented

•    Bring people together as a team to celebrate the year’s success

•    Get the most out of the budget and space provided

Adding our Expertise

We completed our site visit and drew up the initial concept, creating detailed floor plans and constantly referring to back to the budget. Once we had this approved, we started on the creative design, which we were lucky enough to enjoy full control over. Our range of entertainment included a father Christmas set and interactive craft stands, all of which was lit by our old fashioned tungsten bulbs and decorated with our bespoke designs to create a truly traditional atmosphere.

•    We designed proposals with 3D CAD images for maximum clarity

•    We designed concept, set, props and workshops in-house

•    We supplied all entertainment that was used at the event

•    We managed the entire event from planning to preparation, to delivery.

Admiring the results

The party was hugely successful and the client was delighted with what we had provided them. All of the families engaged well with the entertainers and the interactive workshops, with children and their parents forming a large queue to get a photo with our very own Father Christmas! People from different families were interacting well with each other, which was the main objective RBC wanted us to achieve with this event.

We achieved:

•    Essence of team building and family

•    Children were delighted with the entertainers and workshops

•    All was achieved within the budget provided

This is a great example of our creativity, providing successful events year in year out for this company, with each being different from the last.

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