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Assembling the Ideas

Our client tasked us with putting together a PR event that promoted the upcoming Eddie the Eagle movie. Having been outside of the public eye for some time at this point, the event needed to familiarise people with the star to encourage them to watch the film. It was important that we attracted as much attention to the event as possible on the day, in order to maximise the social media impact in the days after and the run up to the release.

 Our client needed the event to:

•    Reacquaint the public with the once much loved national icon

•    Catch the eye of as many people as possible

•    Create a buzz on social media and get people talking about the film

Adding our Expertise

We decide the best way to achieve these objectives was to host an audacious outdoor, public event near City Hall in Pottersfields, London. The idea was we could get many passing members of the public as possible to dress up in eighties style ski wear, have a go at our free fall dive stunt and fly like Eddie the Eagle.

•    We chose the busy location to maximise the number of people passing by

•    We suggested the stunt as it was fun and memorable

•    We used 3D image design to make our proposal as clear as possible

•    We organised suppliers of scaffolding and free fall stunt bag

•    We designed the venue and branding to optimise potential social reach

Admiring the results

This brand activation is one of the coolest and most creative we’ve ever put on. Everyone that took part thoroughly enjoyed it, from the public to the staff, to the VUE cinema team who came to witness the action. It was a complete success on the day and exploded on social media afterwards.

We achieved:

•    Huge public engagement throughout the day from 10am-6pm

•    Thousands of Twitter, Facebook and Instagram posts about the event itself

•    Increased social media activity surrounding Eddie the Eagle following the event

TOWIE stars, Arg and Lockie, shared their Eddie the Eagle experience on social media, and admitted they had reservations about the jumo, stating ‘When you’re up there, it’s really quite nerve racking!’

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