Assembling the Ideas

Signature Flights asked us to produce and manage their yearly Award Ceremony for their employees.

Each year Signature Flights host their awards ceremony in a different country and this year they had opted for Venice.

We were lucky to be able to have lots of creative control over this event to bring Signature Flights vision to life.

Client Brief:

To Create an international Awards Ceremony event for employees in order to celebrate their achievements

Event type: Awards Dinner
Attendee numbers: 100
Location: Venice
Other work: Hosted Awards ceremonies for them for previous years in Luton and Edinborough. 2020 Award ceremony to be hosted in the Maldives

We were tasked with:

  • Two venues to be sourced that met their logistical requirements
  • International transportation of equipment
  • Our Events team to liaise with local suppliers and provide translators where necessary
  • Full Event Theming and Decoration hire
  • Transportation permits for the guest gondola to and from hotel to venue space
  • Full Event Management
  • Catering
  • After-party areas
  • Branded mugs filled with hot chocolate for guests to take on their gondola ride back to their hotel.

Adding our Expertise

Having created International Gala Dinner Events previously we were able to expertly guide our clients. Outlining everything they would need to hold a Gala Dinner Event abroad.

Firstly, one of the most important logistical tasks was sourcing a venue on the canal. However, the venue had to have access for us to bring in all of the equipment. On our client’s behalf, we conducted pre-sight visits to find the perfect site for our clients.

Once we had sourced the right venue, we had to get in contact with the local authority. They were able to grant us gondola permits to transport all of our equipment prior and post-event. As well as guests to and from the hotels.

Additionally, we came up with lots of creative solutions to make this event completely immersive.

All of the entertainment hired throughout the evening fit a storyline for the guests to follow throughout the evening. This was done through various different entertainment interludes.

Admiring the results

There were many things about this event that really stood out for us.

From the in-depth planning and logistical organisation, it took to source a venue that would allow us to transport equipment. To the large variety of entertainers and performers that carried out our immersive storyline.

What Did We Achieve?

We planned every minutiae detail including the strict time schedule we had to transport guests across the waterways.

All of our entertainment and theming was based around mascarade/Soho infusion. Which we carried through to the afterparty that had bespoke V.I.P areas

Not to mention the fact that we installed and disassembled this event two days before the Venice Carnival. Meaning that all of our transportation planning had to run perfectly.

Event Success

We are proud to have created an event with so many individual elements that resulted in a phenomenal celebratory event.

Not only did we arrange everything internationally, negotiating all of the transportation and logistics challenges. We also created a truly immersive event that celebrated and recognised the achievements of Signature Flights employees.

Some of our favourite moments from this event included:

  • Entertainment storyline that ran throughout the event from the moment our guests arrived
  • Transporting all of the guests too and from their hotels via gondola
  • The Mascarade/ Soho inspired theme venue dressing that gave a brilliant twist on the classic Mascarade theme
  • The after-party private party rooms and delicious take-home mugs filled with hot chocolate for their gondola ride home

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