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Brand Activations, Conference Events, Product Launches

Services Delivered

Video Showcase

Assembling the Ideas

Opus Energy approached us to put together their mid-year conference where they were going to reveal their companywide business plan to all of their employees. They required Venue Sourcing, Transport, Production and Guest Speakers/Speaker Management, for a conference that was to cater for 950 delegates over two separate locations.

With only two weeks lead time to complete such a huge event, we had so much to consider in such a short space of time, so it’s safe to say the team was under some serious pressure to deliver the conference to a high standard.

The Client Requested:

  • Conference set up to cater for 950 delegates over 2 locations in 2 weeks!
  • Full event management and production services
  • Us to supply everything – guest speakers, transport, catering, venue etc.

Adding our Expertise

After arriving on the coach services we supplied, the guests were brought to the lobby area for refreshments that we had planned in consideration of each employee’s specific dietary requirements.

They were then taken through to the conference area to watch a video, a talk from their CEO and then finished with a presentation from our guest speaker. We supplied all the furniture, lighting, staging and AV equipment and managed the entire event on both days.

  • We provided full event management services
  • Our team supplied staging, lighting and AV equipment
  • Using our Guest Speaker services, we supplied a quality business motivational speaker
  • We sourced quality venues in both locations
  • Our events team handled all logistical and catering aspects

Admiring the results

The event was a huge success. There were no logistical issues, it was managed effectively and ran smoothly.

The guest speaker we provided was popular and engaged well with the employees, and the client was impressed with how we put together such a large event that would normally take months of planning in only two weeks.

What Did We Achieve?

  • Production of large scale, 2-day event with 2 weeks planning time
  • Sourced suppliers for everything on such short notice
  • There were no logistical issues and no complaints from employees

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