Assembling the Ideas

Simple Life Homes, a client of ours, book us to put on seasonal Outdoor Events for their residents.

We put on roughly three Community Outdoor Events for this client a year, involving an Easter Egg Hunt for the Easter Season, Outdoor Catering for Summer Events and Interactive Performers and a Father Christmas for Christmas Events.

They are all community outdoor events involving performers and caterers for their residents to enjoy on their estate. Every year, we cover all aspects of requires H and S Insurance and Licences, as well as liaising with necessary local authorities such as the Council and local Police force.

What Events Do We Put On For Simple Life?

Most recently, we hired out a bespoke branded Ice Cream Van for ‘Simple Life’. We had to adapt the Outdoor Community Event to cater to COVID-19 guidelines and restrictions, as the event took place shortly after the UK was in lockdown.

We provided a ‘Simple Life’ branded Ice Cream Van where we managed the queues and ensured social distancing was in place. This was a simple way of boosting the spirits of the ‘Simple Life’ residents.

Adding our Expertise

For these seasonal ‘Simple Life’ outdoor community events, we cover four to five sites per day.

For Christmas, we send a Santa, Reindeer and Christmas Elves to roam Simple Life’s residential estates to give out gifts and meet and greet tenants.

We also do a Christmas Parade followed by a Static Christmas Grotto for tenants to take photos with our Christmas performers and Christmas Grotto.

For Simple Life’s Easter Community Engagement Events, we create a bespoke Easter Egg Hunt for tenants to get involved with, creating a real community-centered, interactive event, amongst other performers and entertainment.

Lastly, for Simple Life’s Summer Events we send a bespoke Branded Ice Cream Van for residents to enjoy outside on a hot summer’s day.

We also send out interactive performers, caterers and interactive games for them to get involved in.

To make sure everything runs smoothly on the day, we have event managers on site, as well as event staff such as stewards, volunteers and more.

We fully manage the Ticket Sales, Parking and Access for the event, as well as covering health and safety, first aid and more.

What Do We Provide For The Simple Life Events?

These ‘Simple Life’ Outdoor Community Engagement Events are community events that really engage their tenants. We adapt our Outdoor Events each time to keep things interesting.

Admiring the results

We continue to deliver Outdoor Community Events for Simple Life over Easter, Summer and Christmas.

We love seeing the reactions from Children and Families as a result of our Outdoor Community Events.

Our events team look forward to these quarterly Outdoor Community Engagement Events and always receive fantastic feedback from Simple Life and their Tenants alike.

We organise the parking/access of the sites as well as rubbish collection following the events.

We continue to deliver Outdoor Community Events whilst COVID-19 restrictions are in place. Using our risk assessments, social distancing measures and more to adhere to COVID-19 guidelines and restrictions.

What Did We Achieve?

  • A fun, engaging Community Event for Simple Life and their Clients
  • We receive amazing feedback from Simple Life and their Tenants
  • A COVID-safe Outdoor Community Event
  • Unique Seasonal Events that are different every time
  • Successful Marketing and Advertisement of the Events for Simple Life

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