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Assembling the Ideas

The Telegraph approached us to come up with a spooky, original and engaging concept for their company Halloween Party. Deciding on the beautiful Café De Paris venue, they contacted us to design and manage a unique Halloween party and create an immersive experience for them.

Straight away we got to work on creating some original concepts. It was crucial that these would work on an entertaining level and suit the venue’s brilliant architecture.

Incorporating the client’s values into the event design and entertainment, our team of event planners and production experts got to work. We created a bespoke Halloween set design, adding a scary twist to the Halloween party.

Halloween Party Requirements:

  • Immersive Attractions to scare and entertain The Telegraph staff.
  • A Party Element for guests to drink, dance and enjoy the night.
  • The Halloween party concepts to suit the Cafe De Paris venue.

We worked with The Telegraph on designing a maze for the top floor of the venue. It was custom-made to go all the way around the venue in a circle. Guests would enter the 1st room, be taken on a journey with a bespoke storyline and then exit the scare attraction into the party area of the event.

Adding our Expertise

Once a theme and narrative were decided on, we got to work on developing the Halloween set design. The floorplan was crucial for the Halloween scare attraction to work.

We created a storyline for the Halloween event, making their company party truly special.

Our storyline revolved around taking the guests on a journey through an ‘Apocalyptic’ world!

Guests had to endure the horrors of the aftermath, solving the Halloween maze, walking through the venue filled with scary Halloween props and Halloween entertainment.

They then had to be ‘decontaminated’ with C02 canons to be granted access to the Halloween party zone!

  • We created a bespoke storyline for guests to be a part of
  • A fully immersive experience for over 600 guests
  • Custom Newspapers, Newsroom TVs and custom Branded Areas.
  • Trained and Briefed 16 Actors, 3 make-up Artists
  • Managed the Production of the Halloween Maze


Admiring the results

The Halloween Set Design and Halloween Maze was a complete success!

Designing, installing and managing every aspect of the Halloween party, our client was over the moon with the results!

  • 8 sections of Thrilling Storylines and Interactive Halloween Activities
  • Bespoke Build with Custom Prints and Halloween Props
  • Interactive Photo Booth Zone
  • Police Officer actors who Interrogated Guests
  • ‘Decontamination zone’ where guests were released into the party

Our Interactive Photo Booth zone involved a dead body prop that could be held for photos.

As the photo was taken, actors would jump out, giving the guests a shock as the photo was taken. We got some hilarious reactions!

We had Police Officers in one zone ‘forcing’ guests to sign fake ‘NDAs’ prohibiting them from telling anyone what happened.

Seeing the reactions of the guests was our favourite part of the event! We were very happy with the outcome of the Halloween party.

See our Halloween Event Theming services.

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