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One third of food produced in the world gets lost or wasted every year. In the events industry, food surplus and conference food excess are a real issue!

This is why Julia Charles-Wiginton, MD of Julia Charles Event Management, has been looking at a couple of different ways that can help put left-over conference food to good use.

Julia Charles-Wiginton talks about her efforts in tackling food surplus in this month’s new Conference News feature.

Conference Food Excess

Recently, Julia Charles Event Management created a conference for Xero. Julia Charles-Wiginton decided to work with food banks to tackle the Conference food excess.

Upon starting, the food banks advised that they could only take food that was individually packaged. Also, the food needed a sell-by date.

Therefore, Julia worked with the venue to completely change the menu and also redesigned how they presented the conference food. “We had to wade through a load of legislation with the food banks and the venue. But we got it done!”

“I have since tried to repeat this at other locations. However, many of the food banks are reluctant or simply can’t take the food”

See our Xero Conference Case Study here!

Working with Food Banks: Olio

Conference News: Food Savers magazine article

Julia is now working with several food banks to understand what else can be done.

In addition, some of the food banks are changing their internal processes to make it easier. After starting the process with the food banks, Julia came across Olio.

Olio is a food waste management app that is operational in the UK. You simply fill out a form and a volunteer will come with food boxes to pick your food up and distribute it to the local community. “We haven’t tried it out yet but we are looking forward to testing how this works for the events sector.”

If you have tried Olio, or have other ways to redistribute event and conference food excess please do get in touch!

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