Have You Realised How Many Business Cards You Pile Up After A Networking Event?

This is a topic we closely explored in December’s Conference News Magazine in the “House Of Cards” article, which you can read here.

Exchanging business cards is such an outdated method of getting someone’s contact information! Stats from CreditDonkey, amongst others, state that 88% of business cards end up in the bin! That is a lot of energy and resources (paper) being used for only a brief amount of time.

A recent question put to the Delegate Wranglers group found that when most #eventprofs receive a business card, they input the info into a CRM system. After they have found the person on Linkedin, the card is made redundant and thrown away! Of course, many people might recycle them, but wouldn’t be better if we didn’t use them in the first place?

Conference News Magazine "House of Cards" Article.
Julia Charles Event Management Director, Julia Charles-wiginton “House of Cards” Conference News article in this month’s Conference News Magazine.

In the “House of Cards” Conference News Magazine feature, Julia Charles-wiginton explains how we recently attended an event in the Middle East and trialled Klik. This technology has only existed for two years, but it has the potential to change the ways we exchange contacts. It’s based around an event app with the usual event features. However, delegates wear the tech-enabled lanyard which is used to exchange contact details with the person you have just met.

The person’s information is deposited in an app and it’s then waiting for you in your contacts. Even three weeks after the event, I’m exchanging contact details with other attendees and speakers via the Klik app who I just didn’t get a chance to meet in person, so this technology offers another bonus of allowing the networking to continue long after the event is over!

As explained in the “House of Cards” feature, you can Download Klik:

Klik on IOS

Klik on Android

So in just a few words, business cards have become obsolete, letting other technology shine through! What do you think? Would you be up to trialling electronic business cards?

Conference News Magazine Front Cover 'The Delegate Wranglers'
Conference News Magazine Front Cover ‘The Delegate Wranglers’

Read the full Julia Charles-wiginton “House of Cards” Conference News feature here!

Alternatively, you can view the full Conference News Magazine here.

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