In this month’s Conference News Feature, our Director Julia Charles-Wiginton discusses the UK’s failure in representing sustainable venues.

Conference News March 2020 "Meetings That Click" front magazine cover.

Julia explains how the UK has a multitude of venue finding sites but explains the difficulty in finding a sustainable one. The UK venue finding sites do not cater for this growing demand; not a single one will tell you which venues are sustainable or not.

Julia then compares the UK venue finding sites to the Visit Berlin website, “Over in Berlin, they’ve got it spot on; the Visit Berlin website puts the UK venue finding sites to shame”.

The Berlin website offers a venue search engine which lists the sustainability credentials of each of their venues, giving each venue a ‘leaf rating’. However, they do not alienate venues that have not implemented sustainability initiatives yet (which is good).

Julia highlights the benefits of giving an organiser a clear and easy way to rank venues and asks the question: why isn’t anyone doing this on the UK sites?

Julia Charles, Managing Director and co-founder of Julia Charles Event Management.

From a quick look at some of the most popular UK venue finding sites, they flag up benefits such as wheelchair access, car parking and the number of bedrooms.

Julia goes on to say “if you are an international client looking to book an event in the UK, you will be sorely disappointed by the lack of foresight.”

Many UK sites have a downloadable pdf with a sustainability kit or checklist, and whilst I applaud that they are actually doing something, it would be far more useful to include a venue’s sustainability efforts.

A venue’s sustainability credentials will only continue to increase in importance.

Julia highlights the gaps in the UK venue finding sites and calls for them to step up and improve.

Conference News March 2020 "We Need To Do Better" article.

“I want to see sustainability rank alongside other essential considerations such as accessibility and I ask the venue finding sites to act now because you are being left behind and put to shame by our forward-thinking European neighbours.”

What are your thoughts on this? Have the UK venue finding sites been put to shame?

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