After over half a year of confinement and remote working, you might be thinking of a way to welcome your workers back. And whilst you are at it, do it with a bang. And, what is a company party without corporate entertainment? In Today’s blog, we run you through a few Entertainment Options that will be ideal for your corporate party!

1. Caricature Art Corporate Entertainment

Laughing at ourselves is an incredibly healthy thing to do. And what better way to do it than in style? Our talented Caricaturists will make sure to entertain your guests with their artistry and humour, also giving them a great souvenir of your party.

Table with wine and two caricatures of the guests in a coporate party

2. Bespoke Shows and Large Productions

Depending on the size of your party, you might want for your corporate entertainment to be a larger stage show. Whether your party is actually large and in charge or a smaller gathering, we have an extensive catalogue of wonderful Bespoke Shows for you to choose from. They can be created especially for you and incorporate your branding and aesthetic.

Entertainer singing on a Bespoke Show onstage

3. Catering Services for all tastes and requirements

Obviously, any party or event requires excellent catering. Sometimes, a more luxurious sit-down menu is the best option. Other times, you will find some mobile or entertaining Catering Options more appropriate. From Worldly themed Foods to Traditional meals, you want to find professional caterers that deal with the freshest ingredients!

Our Catering Services are an incredible Corporate Entertainment option for your party

4. Christmas Corporate Entertainment Options

Depending on what time in the year your party falls, your corporate entertainment might need to be Christmas Themed. From Santa’s and Elves, all the way to Winter Wonderland Themed circus performers, there is a world of choices for you to explore. Don’t leave it for too long! Because our Christmas Entertainers get booked up incredibly quickly!

Christmas Corporate Entertainment Snowglobe Act for parties

5. Guest Speakers for Corporate Parties and Events

Nothing better to welcome your staff members back to the office than a motivational speech. Whether you leave this task up to yourself, or you want to get a professional speaker to speak to your guests, there are so many options of topics and modalities to pick from. From motivational and business, all the way to comedy and musical acts, our Guest Speakers make an awesome corporate entertainment option for your party!

Public listening at a Guest Speaker Corporate Entertainment Option at the Xero Conference

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