In 2016 Saudi Arabia launched Vision 2030. Which, amongst other goals, set out the intention of creating and expanding the entertainment industry in Saudi Arabia.

This has opened up a huge opportunity for creating never before experienced corporate events in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. As a global event management company, we have already been able to take advantage of the recently launched new visa in Saudi Arabia. Therefore creating, producing and managing some really exciting and innovative events in KSA!

Technological entertainment at event in Saudi Arabia

One of the biggest themes you’ll find when planning an event in Saudi Arabia is creating a wow factor! There is a real buzz of sincere excitement surrounding the Saudi events industry.

Therefore we are increasingly finding every single one of our briefs from KSA focuses on creating never-seen-before, large-scale and fully immersive corporate events. This means new technology, new concepts and searching the globe for the very best the entertainment industry has to offer!

Entertainment for Saudi Seasons

One of the ways that the Kingdom is trying to really boost the entertainment sector is through its seasons initiative. In 2019 Saudi Arabia launched 11 seasons with the aim of transforming the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia into one of the most important tourist destinations in the world!

These seasons focussed around cultural heritage sites as well as key cities. Combining insight into the country with a heavy focus on entertaining. Entertainment was most prevalent in both the Jeddah and Riyadh season.

With these events running for months at a time, Saudi Arabia used its global connections within the entertainment and events industry to bring in some of the most talented suppliers and entertainers.

The intention with these seasons is that they run yearly, continually increasing Saudi Arabia’s position in the entertainment industry. Not to mention, creating large revenue streams for the country taking the pressure off the oil industry.

What entertainment types does Saudi Arabia love?

Having worked on lots of different events in the Kingdom there is definitely a consistent theme to the kinds of entertainment event planners in Saudi look for.

Bespoke Shows

There is a high demand in Saudi Arabia for bespoke shows and productions. Especially globally renowned shows such as Cirque du Soleil. Our Saudi clients look for shows that create an impact. The bigger the better! The combination of world class performers and large-scale intricate sets is a winning combination in Saudi Arabia.

This kind of entertainment is most common for large scale corporate events, as well as shopping mall activations as there is a strong social scene around going to the mall.

Winter Wonderland circus Shows and Productions for hire Globally

Walkabout Entertainment

Event organisers in Saudi Arabia love to create immersive events. Therefore, walkabout entertainment is a very popular part of any Saudi event entertainment line-up.

Whether this involves street parades with performers interacting with the audience. Or walk about entertainers making their way around an event space and naturally interacting with guests.

From musicians, to dancers and even circus performers. There are a huge variety of walkabout entertainers meaning that event planners in Saudi Arabia have lots of options to choose from.

Blaze The Animatronic Dragon available to book for corporate events in the UK.

Technological Entertainment

One thing that is really evident with working in KSA is their love for cutting edge technology. Therefore, when organising an event, having cutting edge technology as part of their entertainment line-up is important. Additionally, it gives another dimension to the event.

There are loads of different types of technological entertainment you can expect to see at a Saudi Arabia event. From state of the art simulators, LED shows, Robot entertainers and of course digital attractions.

4D reality pods being used by two guests at a brand activation event we put together in London. We have a wide range of technology attractions and technology entertainment for hire available to book for events in London and across the UK.

If we know one thing for certain it’s that Saudi Arabia will definitely be at the forefront of entertainment in the next coming years! Keep your eyes peeled to see increasingly spectacular entertainment-based events coming out of Saudi Arabia.

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