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Can you imagine an event without catering? When we go to parties or events organised by a friend or our company, we all expect to be delighted by yummy food and drinks whilst we converse with the other guests. Therefore, as you can imagine, when you are organising an event, it is fairly important to have the Event Catering in mind.

Then, what are the main do’s and don’ts to consider, when organising the catering services? Read on to know Julia Charles Event Management, a hightly experienced event management company’s perspective on the matter!

Traditional Catering for Events and Parties Worldwide
Traditional Catering for Events and Parties Worldwide

DO think about diet requirements when planning event catering

Luckily, in this day and age, if you have food allergies or intolerances, the establishment where you are eating at will most likely have options for you. At this day and age, hospitality is also inclusive enough to make sure that eating requirements to do with religious reasons will also be catered for.

Therefore, when planning your event catering, it is very important to make sure that different menu options are available to your guests. On some occasions, it is also a good idea to consider providing Worldly Food Choices that your guests from around the globe will be comfortable with.

DON’T overlook the potential technical and space limitations

An event professional would measure a venue before dressing it for an event. Same way, it is important to double-check that your event catering choice is appropriate for the event space and party type.

For instance, before you settle for a sit-down meal, consider the number of guests vs. the number of tables than your venue can fit comfortably. Depending on the answer, Mobile Catering or even food stalls might be the best option. At the same time, remember that everybody HATES queuing. Therefore, remember to hire enough to comfortably suit your guests’ number.

Mobile Catering Services we provided for the Renault F1 Sports Christmas Party at Whittlebury Hall.
Mobile Catering Services we provided for the Renault F1 Sports Christmas Party at Whittlebury Hall.

DO tell your caterer of event professional all your requirements

If you have chosen to work with an event professional to whom you are relying on to supply and manage your event catering, remember to tell them ALL of your event requirements. These requirements need to include your budget, numbers, kind of venue and nature of the event, if the event is happening indoors or outdoors, as well as exactly what sort of menu you want and any eating requirements.

Only by fully relying on your caterer or event manager will they be able to advise you and offer the best quality event catering service for you! For instance, the menu for a children’s party might require some more Fun Catering Options. On the other hand, if you are holding a corporate party for your company, indoors, Luxury Traditional Catering, or even Unique Party Food might be more appropriate.

DON’T leave your event catering for last and plan with plenty of time!

Remember: planning an event can be stressful, especially depending on the size of your event. Sometimes is very easy to get caught up in one aspect of the planning and neglect other important slices of the cake. There is a tendency to attend to aspects such as the venue finding and decor, delegate management… To then realise that it is a month before the date and the catering is still not sorted!

Therefore, to make things easier for yourself, make sure to plan ahead of time: find the help of a highly organised Event Professional that will keep on top of things, from finding the right catering options to delivering tasty food to your guests’ plate!

Our food catering services are a brilliant service to hire for brand activations and product launches
Our food catering services are a brilliant service to hire for brand activations and product launches

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